Seamlessly integrate ships into the corporate network with Maritime Connect

Maritime Connect integrated platform is a real enabler for managing connectivity and applications on ships.

It can be used over any satellite system, including VSAT to provide voice and data services to crew and passengers. Maritime Connect is offering the same shape of services than Terrestrial. Differentiation comes mainly from the outdoor technology to be deployed because of mobility and sea conditions. Maritime Connect extends Business VPN over the sea, enhances crew welfare, and supports mission critical applications. The whole solution contained in one single box, easy to install on board.


Cost under control

Maritime activity costs are controlled through dedicated applications, such as fuel optimizer, infrastructure management on boat, end-user reporting and HQ Network Management System allowing a better cost control of the activity.

Multiple possibilities

Applications access

Maritime Connect works as an enabler to get access to Orange and partners applications.


Maritime security standards

Applications to ensure security on board at all times, private network, multiple access and private cloud connectivity.

Crew welfare

Transforming crew welfare with digital

A wide range of applications on top of satellite access contributing to crew welfare, increasing crew retention.