Being innovative and anticipating the future has become more important than ever. It’s not just a trend; you must differentiate your business from competitors, increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction if you want to keep up. IoT and big data can give you that edge by helping you transform your operations and add real business value.

Your business needs to stay dynamic in a complex ecosystem


Differentiate through new services
IoT and big data will play a major part in the future of your business, so a clear vision for your company's future is needed. Co-innovate with our consulting experts to jointly develop your path to the future – by creating (or adding) new services and enhancing customer satisfaction. Innovation is an ongoing activity. Our experts are right by your side to efficiently orchestrate your devices, and analyzing your data will be essential to develop adequate services based on your predictions.

Boost customer experience
Your customers are more mobile than ever. They expect the perfect experience – anytime, anywhere. And they expect you to deliver that service. To cater to these needs, the right choices are key: products and solutions as well as the right partner to turn your vision into reality. The right foundation is critical. Connect your chosen connected objects to enrich your data, and enable efficient analytics to consequently increase the accuracy of predictions.

Enhance operational efficiency and increase productivity
Fully integrate your chosen objects into your existing physical environment. Enrich your knowledge about customers and market trends, and drive new business revenues by efficiently using data. Analyze smart and personalize – for an even better brand image. Increase your business flexibility and team productivity by monitoring and optimizing your internal processes and optimizing them. Anticipate and manage proactively to correct potential risks and technical failures.

employees dedicated to research and innovation.


Stay on top and bridge technology with business value


countries with research and innovation teams.

Co-innovate to design your business innovation
Service accessibility, customer experience and innovative business models are now strategic brand differentiators. With our holistic "end-to-end," we go all the way from assessment to continuous improvement. Our full life-cycle consulting engagement framework brings together the optimal design with the appropriate combination of proven services in a detailed vision (proposal), including risk and performance management, migration and remediation plans.

Select and connect: establish new services and boost customer experience
You can get it all from just one vendor. From connectivity all the way to connected objects and data analytics. But you need to get the basics right. The foundation is critical.

  • With our broad spanned network for IoT solutions, we enable easy-to-deploy and secure data transmission from connected objects
  • Our connected objects are designed to support open standards and can be perfectly integrated into any existing infrastructure and to inter-operate with any other IoT platform on the market (e.g., Microsoft, Azur or Amazon IoT)

Manage and control: increase your operational efficiency
Innovative products (e.g., connected objects) enable you to collect and analyze data, providing you with a better understanding of performance. Collected data is key – and analyzing it smartly even more – for research and design phases to constantly improve products and services. Thanks to IoT and big data, you can take your customers’ experiences to the next level, from customer satisfaction to engagement. We make your IoT project scalable and “industrialize-able” and secure – to improve your productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.


Make your business an innovation leader


Co-innovation is a key factor for success

Orange Consulting
From consulting to implementation, across all industries worldwide

Datavenue: Select & Connect
The right support for an exceptional customer experience

IoT Connect Anywhere
Global end-to-end connectivity between your IoT object fleet and the data center

Catalog of Objects
Choose from a catalog of 94 connected devices certified by Orange and compatible with the LoRa network

Flux Vision
Convert in real time millions of mobile network data into statistical indicators (including analytics)

Datavenue: Manage & Control
Enhance operational efficiency and boost performance

Live Objects
Secure and scalable platform for secure device, message and data management

Consulting/Professional Services
The right support along your innovation journey

The key foundation for your most valuable data


The Compagnie du Mont Blanc and the Chamonix Tourist Office count visitors

"The Flux Vision solution enables us to accurately adjust our marketing strategy, and this is how Orange is helping us to create value.”

Nicolas Durochat, Head of the Chamonix Tourist Office


Why choose Orange Business Services?


IoT and analytics experts and innovation labs

patents in our portfolio

11 million
B2B active objects and over 65M data bytes per minute

With more than 6,930 patents in our portfolio we are one of the major players in telco innovation for future technologies.

8,000 employees worldwide are dedicated to research and innovation. And we go all the way with our end-to-end support to transform innovation into business projects.

We not only bring along the vertical expertise in smart cities, manufacturing, healthcare and the automotive sector, we also employ the experts who have worked in these industries and speak “the language.”

Currently, we are managing over 11M B2B active objects and over 65M data bytes per minute for our customers.

Well-positioned in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for the 2nd consecutive year