The COVID-19 health crisis has convinced employees and managers of the advantages of teleworking. Employers who have a long term plan to offer high-quality work-from-home solutions will be better equipped to face the new normal, and they’ll have an easier time attracting and retaining talent.

Tools for teleworkers

How do you equip employees with tools to enable them to be free to work outside of the normal office? If they cannot access their usual professional PC, tablet or smartphone, they can use their own equipment connected via a managed and secure BYOD solution.

The remote worker needs fast, secure and easy access to their business applications and files. IT systems need to be available at the same level of performance, capacity and security as those back at the office. Storing and running your applications in the cloud allows everyone to work from wherever they are. This applies to people working in a contact center, too, or even a technician working in the field. For the IT Department, the ability to remotely monitor the operation of network infrastructures will help provide flexibility and responsiveness.


of employees want the freedom to work from home.

Source: Adecco Group UK


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Perspectives on the post-pandemic digital world from the Heads of HR at Véolia and Orange Business
Jean-Marie Lambert, Head of HR at Véolia and Mechtild Walser-Ertel, Global Head of HR and Corporate Social Responsibility at Orange Business, discuss the digital challenges following the COVID-19 pandemic.

of respondents cited the lack of adequate technology or access to important files and applications as the biggest obstacle to working from home.
Source: Citrix, March 2020


Discover digital transformation at work

A cornerstone of business continuity
A cornerstone of business continuity

Throughout the COVID-19 health crisis, organizations have relied on the cloud for remote working arrangements and to cope with spikes in connectivity.

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Digital transformation for the new normal
Digital transformation for the new normal

Companies that had previously invested in digital transformation coped better with the global lockdown that forced entire workforces to work from home. These companies demonstrated agility in the face of adversity because of their digital maturity.

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Keeping contact centers running during a crisis
Keeping contact centers running during a crisis

How cloud computing is key to keeping contact centers open, even when your employees are all working from home.

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Tools for teamwork

When you work remotely, collaborating with colleagues is an essential part of contributing to projects and maintaining social interactions. That's why digital collaboration tools are so important. These tools perform best when organizations train employees in their use to exploit their full potential. Solutions hosted in the cloud provide IT departments with the benefit of instantly available solutions.


of HR managers supported their employees using new tools during the crisis.

ANDRH Study - April 2020


Webinar: Collaborative working - what employees and customers expect

Find out how cloud-based collaboration tools and platforms enable rich collaboration between team members as well as business partners and customers.

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Keeping the office relevant in the new normal

The office as a working environment is a fairly recent invention, and although many have sounded its death knell, it continues to be an important part of the corporate presence. Will it survive after the pandemic? Technologies and design that help shape the office environment to match modern working practices are key to the survival of the office.

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