Orange Business a “vendor to watch” in Gartner MSI-SIAM report

We recently published a reprint of the Gartner report “Market Trends: MSI-SIAM Buyer Behavior in Managed Communications Services” on our website.

This comprehensive document dives deep into the benefits to organizations from deployment of MSI-SIAM across industries and discusses the most significant challenges from deployment of MSI.

MSI and SIAM are different acronyms for the same concept. Wikipedia describes MSI-SIAM as “an approach to managing multiple suppliers of services…and integrating them to provide a single business-facing IT organization.”

On the Orange Business Multisourcing Service Integration webpage, we put it this way:

“MSI is a Multisourcing Service Integration solution, allowing seamless end-to-end management of multiple IT service suppliers and integrating and governing them through a single customer-facing IT interface.”

There can’t be a CIO anywhere in the world who hasn’t wrestled with the complexity of integrating multiple services into their technology and business processes. It’ll not only keep CIOs awake at night, but it ties up their hard-pressed people. This valuable talent pool should be utilizing their skills, experience and creativity to help the business innovate, not spending all their time on complex integration challenges.

Daniel Bigagli, Managing Director, IT Services Business Unit at Orange Business, knows exactly what benefits MSI can bring to a customer.

“Our expertise at managing complex vendors goes back decades. It’s been at the core of our business for a very long time. Managing this complexity is in our DNA,” explains Daniel.

“We act as a consultant,” adds Daniel. “By working together with an organization’s own people, we can deliver the best-fit MSI for their particular business needs.”

Customization is everything, there’s no one-size-fits-all with MSI.

“MSI at Orange is à la carte. We design the best model to bring the maximum value and returns according to the specific conditions of the customer’s business.”

Daniel Bigagli, Managing Director, IT Services Business Unit at Orange Business

A CIO today constantly battles on all fronts with the exponential growth of traffic, channels and devices. The Gartner report “Market Trends: MSI-SIAM Buyer Behavior in Managed Communications Services” on our website notes that “complexity increases as the number of communications services to be considered under MSI-SIAM agreements grows, expecting Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud to increasingly take more relevance in the next couple of years.”

This complexity can overwhelm an organization and lead to poor sourcing and implementation decisions, which could mean lower productivity.

At Orange Business, we propose a complete end-to-end integration with customers and their service providers, processes, tools and service level management. We offer governance of the customer’s ecosystem focused on continuous integration, with great results such as 30% incident reduction for some customers, and we innovate in automation and cognitive RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

“MSI is cost effective,” says Daniel. “Cost savings in the region of 14% have been demonstrated with MSI.

Daniel Bigagli has an analogy that summarizes the benefits of MSI with Orange Business: “With Orange Business MSI, you get a Chief of Staff to handle your IT complexity.”

If you want to deep-dive into the MSI-SIAM topic, you’ll find our reprint of the Gartner report is a great place to start.

Glenn Le Santo
Glenn Le Santo

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