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Find out how Emmanuel Routier, our smart industries expert, supports 4.0 Industries in their successful digital transformation.





The industrial world is facing multiple challenges that accelerate the need for digital transformation of their operational processes: post-pandemic (logistic disruption...), geopolitical (data sovereignty) and sustainable growth are added to their "classic" need for optimization of production chains.

This dynamism is often stimulated by government-funded projects, just as it is supported by the EU's recovery plan, industry being a strong axis including a CSR dimension, fight against climate change. In addition, the technologies supporting their digitalization (5G, IoT, cloud, analytics and cybernetics) have reached a level of maturity that allows their adoption.

At Orange Business Services, we specifically address all the challenges related to the digital transformation of the industry.

We start by addressing production-related needs in terms of performance improvement of production processes. Our solutions combine components from our ecosystem and from our partners for greater process automation, better performance and more safety for employees.

Industrial companies' data is often critical. Strengthening their operational performance cannot be done at the expense of their security. As a leader in cybersecurity, we are uniquely positioned to support our industry customers in a secure transformation.

Finally, we address the need to replace aging network infrastructures, offering infrastructure solutions such as mobile private networks, managed OT/IT gateway services, cloud infrastructure, or critical cybersecurity solutions for industrial plant data. Not to mention, we are an infrastructure and systems integrator that supports the thinking, building and execution phase of all components of an end-to-end business solution for industries.



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