The pandemic has put contact centers under huge pressure. They have been inundated with queries from consumers due to lockdowns. In addition, there have often been fewer staff available due to quarantining and health vulnerabilities. Keeping contact centers operating as normally as possible is essential for companies to ensure good customer service for brand loyalty in the future.

One electronics giant could see that the pandemic was going to disrupt workflows and cause an unprecedented increase in overall call volume. It needed to quickly prepare for its 4,000 contact center agents globally to work from home for their safety.

The company asked Orange Business to immediately upgrade its contact center technology and connectivity to instigate a telecommuting program for its contact center agents.

Providing consumers with service during the pandemic

The electronics giant was already using the Orange Flexible Contact Center solution that combines voice with digital media. Delivered from the cloud, the solution offers scalability and ease of use, which have helped the company execute its customer service contingency plans.

Flexible Contact Center is centrally managed and provides agents with a full customer interaction history directly from the web. This makes it an ideal match for geographically-dispersed and home-based agents. Despite never having had a homeworking policy for contact center agents, the customer needed to ensure that there was no disruption created by telecommuting.

To allow agents to remotely access Flexible Contact Center, Orange integration experts worked closely with the company’s IT team. Orange put Mobile SSL VPN connections in place to satisfy capacity demands for secure corporate access from any device to the contact center platform. This also helped ensure security for the company. With Mobile SSL, users are authenticated and transactions between the agents and the company are encrypted.

In addition, some optimization had to be carried out on its Flexible Contact Center installation as the company had never before used the solution for remote access. By working around the clock, the Orange team was able to get the entire deployment up and running in four days. The company can utilize the mobile monitoring capabilities of Mobile SSL and Flexible Contact Center’s portal to monitor productivity from agents working from home. This allows it to introduce additional resources if call volumes get very high.

Keeping consumers connected

The electronics giant needed to provide consumers with customer service, despite a global health emergency. It had never had contact center agents working from home so also had to manage a change in work behaviors.

Many companies still use on-premise solutions for their contact centers. This leaves them ill-equipped to manage a crisis such as COVID-19. Orange was able to provide this customer with a highly flexible contact center solution to ensure that its loyal consumer base received the quality of service it expected – even during a pandemic.

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