In a matter of months, the Inter-ministerial Directorate for Digital Affairs (DINUM) and Orange Business jointly developed a unique and scalable portal, based on Orange Business APIs. This solution allows the State Inter-ministerial Network (RIE) to automatically manage network requests. It was a hugely successful debut.

Simplify request handling

With over 13,000 sites accessing the State Inter-ministerial Network and several hundred change requests per month, the Inter-ministerial Directorate for Digital Affairs (DINUM) wanted to connect its management portal directly to the Orange Business information system using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). The aim: to offer ministry employees a unique, functional portal with added value, centralizing data and requests within their network perimeter (fleet and access inventory, place orders, manage network changes, etc.) without needing to process and input information again through Orange Business or other operator portals.

Thanks to the APIs developed by Orange Business, ministries can now access a unique portal centralizing all data and requests within their network perimeter in a simple and secure manner.


Stéphane Cula, Production Project Manager for the State Inter-ministerial Network at the Inter-ministerial Directorate for Digital Affairs

An agile solution

DINUM wanted to streamline their business processes, optimize workload and replace email exchanges. They asked Orange Business to offer alternative solutions which would guarantee data reliability. DINUM had asked all its partners to change how they worked to industrialize order management.

Orange Business proposed a new API catalog called “API for Business,” which uses highly secure machine-to-machine communication and automates end-to-end exchanges.

“Think of APIs like Lego bricks. Putting them together allows you to build an application combining various features. For example, to create a voice assistant, you can combine a voice recognition API, a transcription API, a sound volume API, and so on,” explains Philippe Valette, Product API Evangelist at Orange Business.

End-to-end automation

The user logs in to the RIE management portal and ticks the box matching his request. The DINUM team receives a notification and confirms the information can be sent to the operator. The RIE management portal is directly linked to the Orange Business information system via API. This results in optimal reliability, time saved and an improved response for all partners.

To achieve this, Orange Business developed a catalog of APIs to automate order receipt and handling. “We have saved a huge amount of time at all levels, including at Orange,” underlines Philippe Valette. “There’s no more loss at operational level. Automation improves response times and the quality of information.”

APIs allow us to offer an agile response to customer requirements, without needing to develop a tailored solution. New features are promptly made available, and they can be combined together to create a customized design.


Philippe Valette, Product Evangelist API at Orange Business

A successful collaboration

“To implement an innovative digital solution, we were able to count on the expertise of the Orange Business teams,” explains Stéphane Cula. "Innovating together was an opportunity to gain new insight into our current processes and to challenge our tools. The requirement outlined by the ministries highlighted the need to upgrade business processes and processing chains as part of a drastic optimization process. We are delighted with this successful collaboration, which demonstrates that digital is crucial to creating the public services of the future.”

At Orange Business, the customer’s involvement helped to not only develop the information system, but to build a generic API offer and encouraged discussions on new APIs. Co-construction really made sense.

New API-based projects are already being studied between Orange Business and DINUM, notably on the network equipment inventory, deployment tracking and incident management. “The Orange Business teams were true experts, and we can easily see this partnership continuing,” concludes Stéphane Cula.

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