A new age e-government and international relationships


New forms of public engagement and relationships
While coping with fast-growing volumes of data and information, you need to engage and build trust with a much broader and more varied constellation of stakeholders. With a more connected ecosystem, introducing new digital services becomes crucial to get access to the relevant information and share it at the right time.

New generation of security and data privacy threats
Data and network security has become one of the hottest political issues of our age. From ID theft to shadow IT and cyber-hacking, there’s no question that you’re facing a whole new generation of security and data privacy threats through social media, mobile working and the cloud – threats that can jeopardize your country’s reputation or your international relationships.

Unpredictable and fast-changing environment
Few organizations have more exacting communications requirements than international institutions, government and public sector bodies. With offices located in every corner of the world and dealing with unpredictable events, the network becomes the lifeblood of your activities and outreach. Creating a secure networking environment that adapts to growing and fast-changing demands, while guaranteeing continuity and reliability, is extremely challenging.

Belgium Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs transforms its global ICT environment

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Respond quickly and adeptly to growing expectations


Enable the digital workspace for agile and real-time collaboration

  • Ensure effective collaboration across departments, offices and mobile workers worldwide
  • Enable your teams wherever they need to be
  • Facilitate cooperation with third parties, such as other governmental institutions, NGOs and businesses
  • Access a unique information source with teams and partners

Protect your information and access to information

  • Ensure network and data integrity with military-level security
  • Stay in control of information flows with multiple levels of user authentication and access authorization
  • Protect against cyber threats
  • Detect fraud via artificial intelligence and machine learning

Ensure network continuity while providing greater flexibility and responsiveness

  • Connect with the relevant segment of the organization whenever you need to, even from the most remote locations
  • Ensure continued communications in emergency situations
  • Anticipate and address your digital needs fast and within budget

Our solutions for the public sector


Global seamless connectivity

Flexible SD-WAN

An agile and future-proof solution to enable cyber-secure, multi-cloud connectivity for all your locations around the world, including remote and isolated sites

Business VPN Satellite

Integration of satellite technology within the Orange Business VPN to serve sites in regions with poor or non-existent communication infrastructure, either on land or at sea


Secure access to your cloud service providers via your VPN, without touching the public Internet, or via your Flexible SD-WAN, with superior security, reliability and performance levels

Managed Applications

Application management services to ensure high-performing, always-available cloud infrastructure and applications at all times


Flexible Applications Access

Simple and secure solution for remote access to your information systems, whether onsite or in the cloud, for civil servants or employees working remotely or traveling

Flexible Security Platform

Fully-customizable next-generation firewall to protect inbound and outbound network traffic

Vulnerability Intelligence

Identification of security vulnerabilities that represent a real risk to your organization and its assets if they are exploited by an attacker

Mobile Threat Protection

Detection and response to cyber attacks on your mobile fleet, with real-time reporting and control

Incident Response

Cybersecurity to assess potential cyber attacks, contain them if necessary, evict the attacker and restore your operations


Virtual Desktop

Liberate yourself from device management by putting all of your applications in the cloud

Business Talk

Optimized voice management in more than 160 countries and territories to optimize costs and to replace multiple local providers

Hyperautomation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Delegate repetitive, rule-based tasks to bots and free up your workforce to do more complex, higher-value tasks. Combine RPA with machine learning, process mining, chatbots and blockchain for tasks that are not routine, repetitive or stable, such as compliance document processing


The ESA private cloud is transforming space exploration

"esacloud will allow our scientists to do rocket science, rather than IT, and our business to jump ahead in time more than five years. We put a high value in close partnership with suppliers in IT, and since being selected in 2000, Orange Business Services has helped ESA innovate and be a pioneer in many areas, such as the first European converged MPLS IP VPN. esacloud marks a new milestone in our joint path."

Filippo Angelucci, CIO and Head of the Information Technology Department, ESA


Why Orange?

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Local support

  • Delivering our own on-the-ground support with field services in 166 countries
  • Extensive local understanding of how to adhere to specific local regulations, logistical limitations and potential import restrictions

Consulting and integration

  • Consulting services incorporating the best technologies, people and skills to suit your requirements
  • Making sure that you keep a competitive edge with the most appropriate solutions
  • Enabling you to set clear, reachable goals, make informed long-term buying decisions and keep costs under control

Wealth of experience

  • Orange currently supports several governmental institutes, NGO’s and 14 ministries of foreign affairs networks across the world, including Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America – making us a market leader