Paris Police Department using a cloud infrastructure



If the Seine flooded, 830,000 people would be affected, and approximately 30 billion euros of damage would be the result.

So, the Paris Police Department is preparing to face this major event and minimize the risks. It’s teams have mobilized over a hundred transport, telecoms and agri-food sector participants within the Sequana project, an exercise that simulates the event under real conditions.

As the leader of the Sequana project, the Paris Police Department must deal with many new challenges, not the least of which is coordinating all of the participants and circulating information in real time.

"The experts all agree that the Seine will flood sooner or later. That means we must anticipate this major risk, which is why we have brought together more than a hundred partners for the Sequana simulation project. It is a huge challenge: we have to coordinate all of these actors using a reliable, simple and powerful collaborative platform."

Jean-Paul Kihl, Prefect for the Defense and Security of Paris

The objective

Establish a reliable collaborative platform that allows all the Sequana project participants to exchange large volumes of documents in real time without service interruptions, loss of information or faulty transmissions.


The Paris Police Department, which strongly preferred to work with a French company, entrusted Orange with the task of hosting its platform on a reliable cloud server through the on-demand infrastructure service, Flexible Computing Express. The service provides.

  • Secure and certified hosting in France
  • Reliable platform, available around the clock
  • Dedicated hotline, available 24/7

Increased collaboration between partners

Using the collaborative cloud-hosted platform, every participant can connect at the same time to work on documents and share information.

Secure information sharing

By hosting the platform in the Flexible Computing Express solution's certified data centers, the data exchanged on the platform is highly secure and totally reliable.

Facilitating risk simulations

The collaboration tools allow everyone involved to communicate more easily, more quickly and more securely to optimize the test exercises for the Sequana project.

  • Cloud computing infrastructure
  • Secure and certified hosting in France
  • Reliable platform, available around the clock
  • Dedicated hotline, available 24/7

About the Sequana project

  • 6.4 million inhabitants in the Greater Paris area, 830,000 of which would be directly affected by a flood
  • 27,000 police officers and 8,200 firefighters coordinated by the department
  • A hundred partners involved in the Sequana project