Orange IoT solution connects vending machines across the globe


Intis, an engineering and automation company headquartered in Croatia, was faced with the challenge of finding an IoT connectivity solution to support its Televend platform.

The platform is designed to manage vending machines online via a secure cloud service. Televend IoT devices are easily fitted to existing vending machines, thereby enabling them to be monitored remotely.

We like Orange because it provides simple and flexible solutions, paramount in developing our global business.


Zoran Margic, Project and Data Analytics Manager, Intis Ltd

The IoT devices can send alerts when machines need re-stocking, carry out dynamic pricing and flag up predictive maintenance via a central management portal. These devices, combined with a comprehensive and cutting-edge software solution, also provide cash and cashless payments and smart routing to ensure drivers take the most economic route when refilling machines as well as visit only machines that need to be visited.

All Televend devices and software are fully tax compliant and can thus provide fiscalization services wherever there is such requirement in place.

Televend devices are installed on more than 250,000 vending and coffee tabletop machines across the globe. The company has ambitious expansion plans in place, bringing on board new countries and customers.

A global IoT solution

The company’s incumbent operator created complex management issues due to its pricing structure. Televend was looking for a single operator that could offer an IoT network at competitive pricing supported by solid roaming agreements.

Televend looked at various options on the market and opted to go with Connect Express from Orange Business based on its proven, robust connectivity and one-price-per-region schedule. Televend was also impressed with the Orange footprint, which covers 135 countries on Televend’s global expansion roadmap.

IoT Connect Express is a service of Orange Mobile Enterprise. It has been specifically designed to autonomously manage large fleets of IoT devices from a central portal. The solution also provides powerful self-management and monitoring services. Roaming SIM cards fitted to the IoT devices in the vending machines can be activated via the centralized portal.

Unrivaled coverage across regions

Televend has successfully run a live implementation of IoT Connect Express as part of a proof of concept project. It now plans to roll out the solution in Europe, the U.S. and Asia Pacific, providing its customers with secure, robust connectivity and unrivaled coverage.

The secure IoT connectivity and management infrastructure that Orange is deploying for Televend will enable the company to scale up in accordance with its business objectives. Once the solution is fully deployed, Orange will collaborate on the next step of this customer's data journey, including multicloud, big data and elements of artificial intelligence (AI).

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