Dobroflot chose the Orange IoT solution to improve vessel safety and efficiency and to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%

Issues and challenges

Dobroflot Corporate Group is a leader in the fishing industry in the Far East and Russia's No.1 manufacturer of canned fish. It has a fleet of 24 vessels, including the largest floating fish factory, the "Vsevolod Sibirtsev." The Group's mission is to "provide seamless workflow and full life cycle of fish product from harvesting and processing of raw fresh materials in the sea to the delivery of end product."

Fuel is up to 50% of the operating costs of a vessel, and the Group faced an urgent need to reduce consumption while at sea and during bunkering and refueling and to stop unauthorized fuel usage. Dobroflot is the only Russian fishing company with vessels navigating the Northeast passage through the Arctic to transport goods to central Russia. As a result, there is an even greater focus on safety, and the company needed to find a partner with VSAT expertise and experience in maritime markets and the ability to deliver innovative solutions.

"The savings from the Orange Business Services IoT solution will have a significant impact on our bottom line, as around half of a vessel's operating costs are related to fuel. An active IoT system on board our vessels enables us to collect data in real time and map the most efficient routes."

Evgeny Stepanov, CIO, Dobroflot

The objective

To reduce fuel costs and increase vessel safety and efficiency.

  • Orange Managed IoT solution integrated with Orange Managed Satellite Services (VSAT)
  • Online fuel consumption monitoring for eight vessels while at sea and during bunkering and refueling
  • Program and partner management – Technodar Group of Companies, a Russian expert in fuel consumption monitoring systems and satellite transport monitoring

Orange Business Services is enabling Dobroflot to reduce fuel costs, optimize efficiency and increase the safety of its vessels while at sea and during bunkering and refueling.

  • Optimization of fuel consumption based on current weather and vessel position
  • Increased vessel safety and efficiency
  • Up to 10% lower fuel costs
  • No CAPEX, and payment is by monthly subscription
  • Reduced losses through continuous monitoring of the main engine, auxiliary diesel generators and boilers
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Dobroflot Corporate Group is a leader in the fishing industry in the Far East and Russia’s No. 1 manufacturer of canned fish.

  • Operations since 1911
  • Fleet of 24 vessels
  • Largest floating fish factory, the “Vsevolod Sibirtsev"