Komplett Bank, a specialized consumer finance company, based in Norway and focused on the Nordic market, was looking for a partner to deliver the necessary operational expertise to set up its consumer finance banking services in the public cloud.

The bank had made the strategic decision to reduce the usage of its in-house data center and deploy all new services to Microsoft Azure. It was looking to leverage the benefits of a cloud-based platform, including flexibility and scalability, without the pressure of inventory or supply chain issues. Key, however, was accelerating purchasing, deploying, changing, and deploying services.

Once Komplett Bank had configured the cloud and set up the environment, it realized that it lacked the operational expertise in-house to take advantage of all the benefits of Microsoft Azure. At this point, it turned to Orange Business.

Overseeing the cloud

Since 2018, Orange Business has built, implemented, and maintained Komplett Bank’s Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. This includes 24/7 monitoring and operation of the services that the bank offers through its customer service team and operations center.

Today, expert consultants from Orange make up three-quarters of the bank’s cloud operations team.

Kubernetes brings portability and flexibility

As part of Komplett Bank’s digital transformation journey, Orange has delivered cutting-edge expertise to enable the adoption of Azure Kubernetes. This is central to its next-generation banking services.

One of the significant benefits of Azure Kubernetes is building automation into systems and processes. Orange provides Azure Kubernetes expertise to enable it to leverage all available automation opportunities. Automation is enabling the bank to do more with fewer resources.

For example, an existing manual process for ordering, maintaining, and renewing financial certificates has been automated. Every certificate is now kept in Cloud KeyVault, and when it expires, it is renewed automatically. This has speeded up processes and minimized incidents caused by reminders.

Harnessing the full benefits of cloud

Komplett Bank quickly recognized that expertise is required to leverage the full benefits of cloud and Kubernetes, which needs a lot of work on the operational side, especially as the cloud environment is continually transforming.

Orange now takes care of the operational aspects of the cloud, providing the bank’s developers with all the benefits of the platform without having to maintain it. This frees them up to focus on developing business value.