Cecurity.com developed an offer in SaaS mode, and only a platform with the very best security guarantees could meet its requirements. By calling on a cloud specialist, Cecurity.com can offer flexible solutions with the best possible guarantees of confidentiality for their data.

Developing an SaaS offer while retaining control of the data

Cecurity.com is a software publisher that offers electronic vault and electronic archiving, billing and payslip solutions. The company counts some of the big names in banking and finance among its customers, for whom confidentiality, compliance and certification are crucial. In just a few years, Cecurity.com has developed its offer based on SaaS solutions, making its software available in the cloud by means of a subscription and pay-as-you-go billing model. Taking this path raises new questions in terms of the protection of customer data, which is now the responsibility of Cecurity.com. "Being a trusted digital provider is a big commitment," confirms Arnaud Belleil, the Chief Compliance Officer at Cecurity.com. "We wanted to ensure the control, protection and, of course, the sovereignty of our customers' data. This means using a trusted public cloud."

We were looking for a partner for whom digital sovereignty is fundamental so that we can ensure that our business complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Arnaud Belleil, Chief Compliance Officer, Cecurity.com

Choosing a trusted public cloud provider

Cecurity.com chose the Orange Business Flexible Engine platform, which has advanced and scalable functionalities such as object storage and containers. Its data is hosted in two highly-secure data centers. Flexible Engine is ISO 27018 certified, a guarantee of reliability for Arnaud Belleil. "This high level of assurance goes hand in hand with our commitment of never losing an archive and protecting trade secrets. We were looking for a partner for whom digital sovereignty is fundamental and seeking to make sure our business complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)."

The changeover to the new platform followed a precise timetable, throughout which Cecurity.com kept its customers and subcontractors well informed, while ensuring that its services remained available. Staying on track with the migration helped the company to avoid the cost of using several platforms at the same time. "A close relationship has developed with the teams at Orange Business, who have supported us through this transition by taking into account our specific needs," points out Arnaud Belleil.

Flexibility to grow the business in France and internationally

Cecurity.com now manages 10 million digital vaults for customers spread across more than 25 countries. The scalability of Flexible Engine and the global presence of Orange Business make it possible to support Cecurity.com with its growth in France as well as in other countries. As the success of its SaaS offers increases, the volume of data to be hosted in its trusted cloud, Cecurity.com can create storage resources on demand to adapt rapidly without the risk of over investing. "Working with a partner like Orange Business reinforces our commercial credibility in terms of customer trust and helps us to maintain our certifications. We also save time by working with a cloud specialist. We are therefore able to focus on our core business while maintaining control over our operations," concludes Arnaud Belleil.

At a time when there are increasing requirements in terms of approvals and new and promising technologies are being developed in the cloud, this cooperation between expert partners is set to continue for some time.

10 million
electronic vaults managed for customers across 25+ countries