De Jong DUKE, a family-owned coffee company, based in the Netherlands, has chosen Orange Business as its sole IoT connectivity provider to connect its smart coffee machines globally. The company has developed a range of smart coffee machines that can be monitored and managed remotely with its bespoke ConnectMe application.

Using the connected IoT coffee machines, customers are able to remotely monitor status, including cleaning cycles and number of coffees sold. It also ensures higher uptime due to proactive maintenance. If an error occurs on a connected coffee machine or it is starting to run out of coffee, the customer is alerted via email.

De Jong DUKE was using two mobile service providers to connect its smart coffee machines in office environments in Europe and North America. However, managing providers with different pricing plans and platforms was proving time consuming. De Jong DUKE simply did not have the resources available to do this. In addition, its providers’ network coverage was patchy in North America, which was causing issues for customers.

As a result, de Jong DUKE was looking for a new provider that would help it cost effectively manage its IoT-based coffee machines in all regions.

We are very pleased with our partnership with Orange Business. They have provided a tailor-made solution perfectly matching our specific needs. This partnership will bring us the benefits of simplified management and logistics, as well as improved coverage at our customers' sites for a smart and connected coffee experience.


Monique Klein, Product Manager Connectivity, de Jong DUKE

Providing an effortless coffee experience

After looking at various options on the market, de Jong DUKE chose Orange Business as its sole service provider. Orange offered an easy-to-use IoT solution with optimal global coverage. The Orange IoT Managed Global Connectivity solution powered by Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator, provides de Jong DUKE with secure and reliable IoT cellular connectivity, allowing efficient data collection and monitoring of its connected coffee machines both regionally and globally.

End-to-end connectivity is provided via the company’s connected coffee machines, fitted with Orange IoT SIM cards and deployed with de Jong DUKE’s ConnectMe application. Connectivity management is based on Ericsson's IoT Accelerator service and is supported by Orange roaming agreements. The combined solution provides a seamless customer experience for de Jong DUKE’s client base in Europe and the U.S., delivering the services they have come to expect.