Manufacturer SPS Technologies was looking for a solution to accurately and efficiently track production orders through its manufacturing process and get more visibility into factory floor operations. The company makes specialist fastenings such as high-strength bolts and nuts for aero engine and airframe applications.

As part of its continuous improvement initiative, SPS Technologies identified several manual-based processes that could benefit from the introduction of a real-time location system (RTLS) and approached Orange Business for potential solutions.

To streamline operations and increase the efficiency of the supply chain, SPS Technologies needed a solid system that could be integrated with our existing ERP software, help to identify the bottleneck processes and address and resolve issues before they happen. We chose the RTLS Smart Tracking System from Orange, which helps in locating assets or batches on the shop floor in real time without the need for labor-intensive intervention. Also, the RTLS helps to eliminate human error, which causes lost product and results in rework/scrap and can lead to late delivery.


Amandeep Virk, Continuous Improvement Engineer, SPS Technologies

Improving traceability

SPS Technologies wanted to trial a solution that would enable it to better track production jobs, improve processes and increase productivity and overall customer satisfaction. Orange design experts identified and proposed a technology solution to meet SPS Technologies’ specific operational requirements. Orange Smart Indoor Tracking is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) based solution utilizing wireless positioning technology to enable users to quickly visualize tagged assets via the map-based location monitor.

Orange experts worked closely with SPS Technologies’ continuous improvement and production operations team to set up a small pilot so the company could experience the benefits RTLS offered through Orange Smart Tracking Indoors.

Although COVID-19 restrictions meant Orange personnel were unable to visit the factory, the implementation could go ahead thanks to the SaaS software and the collaboration between the Orange and SPS Technologies teams.

Greater transparency

Indoor tracking is one way that digital technology is revolutionizing the manufacturing process. Orange Smart Tracking enables better visibility of production jobs particularly during moving and waiting times.

SPS Technologies shop floor personnel can now quickly identify the locations of specific production jobs, avoiding the manual search time associated with previous approaches. Location history can be used to quickly identify flow issues and delays created by bottlenecks.

Following the success of the pilot, SPS Technologies is now looking at extending the solution to include integration with the production ERP system and rolling out the Orange Smart Indoor Tracking solution to other plants across the organization.

The Orange Smart Indoor Tracking solution has provided SPS Technologies with greater insight into production flow processes. It has also significantly improved the company’s legacy manual processes, enabling SPS Technologies to improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction.