An energy giant wanted to introduce flexible working to increase business agility, improve collaboration and make better use of office space.

The company had trialed a smart office solution at one of its sites, but it wasn’t effective due to a mix of non-integrated platforms. In its search for a solution, it approached Orange Business, because we already have extensive experience in the energy markets, understand its business and the digital workspace.

A smart office solution

To support the energy company’s new flexible work practices, Orange developed a smart interactive solution based on Facilities Now. The solution securely manages the office space, encouraging collaboration by optimizing the use of office space and better managing equipment. A dashboard correlates this information for the site manager.

Facilities Now includes a mobile app that simplifies the daily working lives of employees and visitors at the energy company’s sites. The app can help people find their way around office buildings, alert colleagues if a meeting is running late or book meeting rooms remotely, for example, via a personalized homepage. Users can also check on traffic reports before meetings and locate restaurants.

Users can access a web interface to manage events, share useful information and bookmark useful locations. In addition to receiving and pushing information, Facilities Now can interface with other applications such as diaries via APIs.

Via Bluetooth and sensor technology in meeting rooms, Meeting Now provides real-time information on free workspaces. The back-office server enables managers to optimize the layout of spaces to better satisfy users’ needs. This is especially invaluable when it comes to meeting social distancing requirements.

To streamline hot-desking, Desk Now provides users with visibility on free workstations. Site managers can analyze workstation usage to deal with user demand. Way Now enables employees to locate visitors via their smartphones and guide them through to meeting spaces.

An office space designed for flexibility and productivity

The energy company has successfully piloted the solution and is now looking to roll it out across the organization.

By using Orange as its sole provider, the energy company has smoothly integrated the solution into day-to-day business processes. Benefits include simplifying overall office management, optimizing costs and driving productivity. The solution is also helping motivate employees by making it much easier to run their daily work schedules and adopt a more flexible way of working.