Icade chose Smart Office to build collaborative working

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Issues and challenges

Icade, a major real estate developer in France, used the relocation of its head office as an opportunity to demonstrate the services the company has to offer. The company's aim was to promote new ways of working together and showcase its initiatives to open up the workspace as well as its managerial methods for this type of project. The relocation also provided Icade with the chance to strengthen its employer brand by implementing new working methods, such as "flex office."

"Orange Business suggested the Spark* solution, then helped us with its large-scale deployment for our relocation and the implementation of a customized training plan around the company's digitization. These are not independent tools. They are a package designed to help people work together."

Marc Leblanc, Director of the OpenID Icade Project


Cisco Webex Teams (formerly Cisco Spark) solution for a unique and secure mobile workspace

  • Cloud-based collaboration platform to facilitate the company's digitization
  • Instant messaging, calls and videos; online conferencing; and interactive whiteboard
  • Easy and secure document sharing with real-time modification capability


  • Stronger employer brand

Icade used the relocation of its head office as an opportunity to promote its strong employer brand based on new working methods. All employees are now equipped with the latest technology and can work from home or another office once or twice a week.

  • Proof to the market of its relevance and understanding of today's challenges

For its customers, Icade's relocation showcases the end-to-end digital strategy of a company on the SBF 120 Index. Icade is the first company to do this for all of its employees, regardless of their level within the company.

  • Latest technological innovations

Because businesses don't relocate often, Icade took the opportunity to make sure that it has the latest technology, and they intend to keep it that way. The Icade teams strive every day to ask the right questions and challenge what they know.


  • Collaborative and wireless workspaces
  • 80 Webex boards on all floors and in all buildings
  • 1,000 employees on board
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Icade is France's fourth largest real estate developer

  • 1,104 employees
  • €9.7 billion in real estate assets in 2016
  • €1.5 billion in revenue in 2016

*Cisco Spark is now Webex Teams