A Smart City should be resilient, inclusive and innovative. We believe that technology is only a means towards this end, and we strive to manage the technological complexity so that local governments and administrations can focus on embracing their own challenges.

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Urban services

Delivered directly into your citizens' pockets

The My City in My Pocket mobile application makes life easier for citizens and tourists by offering support throughout their day. It gathers relevant and useful information about the area, through the geolocation of attractions and points of interest, public services, sales and promotions run by local shops, traffic reports, public bike rental availability, canteen menus, environmental data, etc. and enriches this information to make it more relevant to each individual user and his/her preferences through a customizable user interface.

The look and feel of the app is tailored using your city or region’s customary graphic standards to ensure it is unique in every aspect, while leveraging our industrialized platform with established content and technology partnerships.

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Enhancing the quality of life for citizens, boosting economic attractiveness and tourism potential, improving operations and service efficiency and ensuring that carbon footprint is under control … these are just a few of the applications where we can help, either through customized system integration capabilities or with packaged products for quick and easy implementation.

We have deployed projects around the world, from Australia to Europe through India and the Middle East, with the local presence that characterizes Orange Business Services.

We will ensure that your solution is right for you, leveraging local partners as well as global ones to drive cost control and your return on investment.


Including solutions to improve mobility

At a macro level, you can optimize your infrastructure assets with better knowledge of travel flows in your area. Leveraging reliable indicators, you can improve and boost the fluidity of population flows. Flux Vision, one of our big-data solutions, processes millions of data points from mobile networks into statistical indicators, giving you the ability to analyze visitor numbers in specific geographical areas and understand population movements. This information can be fed into your tourism strategy or urban mobility plans or can help valorize specific locations at the right rental price point.

On a micro level, you can ease urban traffic by reducing the time spent looking for available parking. With a smart parking solution, drivers save time, their cars emit less CO2, noise levels are reduced and neighborhoods become more pleasant for residents and visitors alike. Communithings, part of the Orange family, has developed a turnkey solution that uses several technologies to adapt to multiple scenarios and configurations, with a mobile app interface for both users who want to find and pay for a parking space and agents who need to check. Urban operations teams also have a real-time view of parking availability, overtime stays and unpaid parking.

of the global population will be living in towns and cities by 2050: an incredible opportunity to encourage new urban mobility.


Smart buildings

Managing your real estate's carbon footprint


Buildings, public or privately owned, are an essential component of cities. They are also one of the largest CO2 emissions contributors. Including the building construction industry, this amounts to 38% of all global energy-related CO2 emissions. Many major cities around the world and networks like the C40 have therefore pledged to become carbon neutral by 2050 or sooner. This is a target established by many smaller cities as well.

Solutions like energy monitoring and management for a real estate portfolio can greatly help achieve your carbon target. Our Smart Eco Energy solution can be deployed for large and smaller cities alike, with price points that match the means of each. The solution, which rests on a smart platform developed by our partner Energisme, can ingest energy consumption data in many different formats and sources and then display the data as needed.

In addition to predictive modeling, Smart Eco Energy can help optimize energy performance contracts and budget management by checking invoices and monitoring consumption per usage type.


Optimizing the use of indoor public spaces

Another way to optimize the footprint of real estate is to examine how it is used and if each square meter has a specific purpose. Knowing if a given space is used and at what level helps site or real estate managers with their portfolio strategy. If usage is very low, they can decide to reallocate the space to another purpose.

In the realm of commercial and services real estate, this is especially useful as economic stakes are also quite high. Whether you are a corporate or public administration, it is key to ensure that no rent or mortgage is being paid unnecessarily. Our Smart Office solution can help by providing insight into how each working space is being used on a daily basis by employees and visitors alike.

First, we help you assess your occupancy by deploying sensors that will count the number or flux of people in a given area or room. We can then deploy tools that will help you manage resources like meeting rooms, flex spaces and hot desks so that a hybrid way of working (mixing working from the office and working from home or another location) becomes very smooth and natural to workers. If needed, we can also help in analyzing the user journey and adjust it using digital tools or not to provide a distinctive experience that will contribute to employee loyalty and new talent attraction.

Operational efficiency


growth per annum for the global smart city market in the IoT field between 2015 and 2020.

From basic IOT to complex systems integration

We begin every project by first considering the services that you want to deliver to your community in the best way possible. Then we help you define the right scope for your project using a phased and iterative approach.

  • Our experts will accompany you from digital blueprint design to operating the digital services of your territory
  • Our main project references are in Qatar and Dubai, with more in Saudi Arabia to come
  • Our local teams have invested in developing competencies for over 10 years, pioneering a comprehensive approach that has earned praise and awards

Learn more about our Smart Cities projects in the Middle East and Africa.


Cybersecurity and safety

The virtual and physical safe city

Security is an important concern in the urban environment. Whether it's providing safe streets to walk on at night or protecting your data, we've got you covered.

Orange Business Services India helped the state of Gujarat deploy a Safe City solution across 40 cities that focused on video surveillance, an intelligent traffic management system, a command and control facility, automatic number plate recognition, red light violation detection and E-challan features. This comprehensive surveillance system was designed to accommodate a growth factor of three in terms of number of devices deployed and managed.

The objectives of the project were mainly about surveillance, security, law and order management to minimize losses from natural hazards and human threats as well as to provide evidence and leads for investigation, if required. With Orange Cyberdefense, we are also providing a number of other solutions that are relevant in the urban environment.

Orange: serving the Smart City


staff dedicated to serving local authorities

experts working on security-related issues at Orange Cyberdefense

15 billion
invested in the network, of which more than 50% is invested in France

researchers and engineers working on innovation at 12 Orange Labs

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