A digital services company, all too aware of the importance of nurturing customer relationships, was looking to better engage with its growing user base across their chosen channels.

The company turned to Orange Business to modernize its customer service capabilities, using technology from Genesys, a leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions.

Smooth contact center deployment

The digital services company opted to replace its legacy contact center system with Genesys Engage, an omnichannel and multi-cloud customer engagement solution that could scale according to the company’s growth.

Orange consultants first carried out an audit of the company’s internal contact center processes to identify the functions required. The Orange team then worked closely with the company’s in-house IT department to carry out the migration and implementation. The new solution was easily deployed on top of the company’s existing IT infrastructure, allowing a seamless transition over six weeks without disrupting business processes or services.

Interacting with customers across Russia

Following the Genesys Engage platform deployment, the company can now interact with its customers via voice, chat, social networks, instant messaging and email from a single platform.

The omnichannel contact center solution enables the company to maintain an optimum level of customer service regardless of communications channel. The platform enables contact center employees to see a complete overview of customer requests in real time, allowing them to provide the right support quickly and efficiently.

Speech analytics helps the company to identify the reason for customers’ calls and provide a more personalized service. This also provides the company with valuable data insights to further optimize internal processes and enhance self-service provision for end users. The company is able to automate the assessment of service quality and further improve interaction with customers.

The Genesys Engage solution deployed by Orange Business has provided the company with a new, advanced level of communications with its customers, allowing it to provide personalized support across the entire customer journey.