Fintech Unifiedpost Group had been using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for several years for its on-demand cloud computing requirements. The company, however, was looking to expand in Europe and was looking for a host for new customers in France.

Unifiedpost needed a solution that addressed the issue of the Cloud Act and was compliant with local regulations. They also needed to set up local operations quickly. At the same time, the company required a partner that would support the introduction of its new services in the cloud,, in collaboration with the French association of chartered accountants. This solution for SME’s includes online invoice payment and value-added services, as well as identity authentication.

Orange Business has helped us to realize our multicloud strategy, enabling us to expand our European business while supporting our international customers with the secure, quality service they have come to expect. Orange Business integration skills have allowed us to take advantage of the very latest technologies – easily deploying and managing containers on both Orange Flexible Engine and other cloud provider platforms.


Tom Van Acker, General Manager at Unifiedpost Group

A cloud trusted partner to support European expansion

Unifiedpost opted to adopt Orange Business Flexible Engine, a secure global public cloud solution, after considering all options. Flexible Engine will host all of Unifiedpost’s future French clients.

Orange also provided the interconnection to AWS, while automating the deployment of the Unifiedpost platform to Flexible Engine with additional migration and professional services realized by the team of multicloud experts at Orange.

Multicloud flexibility

Orange supported Unifiedpost re-architecting its Community solution based on Kubernetes and Google Anthos. Kubernetes enables the orchestration of the Community microservices as containers on virtual machines, while Anthos enables comprehensive and multicloud Kubernetes management. This approach provides Unifiedpost with improved application scalability, availability and maintainability.

One of the most significant benefits of Kubernetes and containers for Unifiedpost will come in the form of multicloud flexibility. Kubernetes makes it much easier to run any app on a public cloud service or a combination of public and private clouds. Unifiedpost will be able to put the right workloads in the right cloud and seamlessly migrate where necessary.

Orange cloud expert teams provide Unifiedpost with Anthos integration support through infrastructure as code (IaC) expertise on Flexible Engine. As part of its multicloud expertise, Orange has a strategic partnership with Google to seamlessly offer various services in a hybrid cloud environment. They include cloud-native tailored applications, app modernization and fraud detection.

As a result, Unifiedpost is easily deploying and managing containers on both Flexible Engine and other cloud providers via Google Anthos, providing a single platform for managing Kubernetes workloads.

Supporting business growth

The Orange cloud solution and multicloud skills have enabled Unifiedpost to realize its multicloud strategy, providing agility, scalability and flexibility to expand its European business, while serving its international client base. Simultaneously, containers are providing the company with repeatable and fast-development deployments, making apps more performant.