With the way we work undergoing a major shift, businesses are wrestling with implementing new working models while trying to attract and retain the talent they need to accelerate growth. Remote and hybrid working offer significant potential opportunities, but they need to be enabled by an infrastructure that's fit for the demands of a digital world.

There is also the employee experience to consider. Expectations have changed. Whether your workers are on the front lines of retail or healthcare, are knowledge workers, or are in the field, they expect to have the tools they need to do their jobs effectively wherever they are. That means up-to-date personal devices with reliable access via relevant apps to the right data. And everything must be secure and easy to use, enabling greater levels of productivity. But delivering all that for every employee, whether based in the office, at home or on the front lines, is difficult.
Last, but not least, is the question of security. The transformation of the enterprise is increasing the attack surface, and the new remote workforce is widening the challenge and complicating what is already a varied mixture of legacy and digital systems and services.


of organizations said a lack of consistent experience for office-based, home-based and front-line workers is their main challenge with employee computing.
Source: Forrester for Orange Business

Hybrid workplace – any place, any device, any time

Hybrid workplace – any place, any device, any time

This Global Data report zooms in on the new hybrid workforce with complex demands and the new approach for a digital workplace, enabling knowledge workers and inspiring creativity.

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What enterprises gain from optimizing their workplaces

Enterprises need to focus on providing an environment that will not only attract but will also help retain the workforce they need to drive organizational performance – an environment that creates an employee experience that engages and empowers workers to excel. It must also ensure security without restricting how people work.

The digital workplace needs to be a cohesive part of broader transformation initiatives. It has to have the employee at its core and be based on five key elements: office, collaboration, support, mobility and productivity.

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Organizations in which HR facilitates a positive employee experience are 1.3 times more likely to report organizational out-performance.

Source: McKinsey & Company

The digital workplace also needs to be flexible. Today's global marketplace is continually changing, and you need to be able to scale your workplace solution up and down to meet the latest requirements. But you can't react to market changes if your operations are weighed down by long-term contracts and inflexible terms.

Our flexible, consumption-based digital workplace model allows you to add and remove employees and technology as needed quickly and efficiently.

How we can help

Workplace Together in numbers

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Four ways we help transform your workplace

1 Understanding
the opportunity

We undertake an assessment of your current workplace. This encompasses connectivity and security to digital maturity, existing employee experience and future requirements, as well as the infrastructure that underpins it all. The assessment gives us a blueprint from which to identify areas for improvement and define a workplace strategy that supports your business objectives.

2 Putting the
foundations in place

A digital workplace requires an infrastructure with the same levels of flexibility, security and scalability. Our knowledge of cloud and our relationships with the world’s leading vendors mean we can help you choose and manage the right environment to support your workplace.

3 Creating a stand-out

Keeping your employees at the center of your workplace transformation is the key to success. We create “persona assessments” that allow you to offer relevant experiences to multiple worker profiles. You'll also be able to build and rapidly deploy devices, applications and services and to control access. We'll help you create an environment that is personalized for your staff to boost engagement, attraction and retention.

4 Ensuring simplicity
and security

Having undergone our own transformation and by helping many enterprises with theirs, we have a thorough understanding of the complexity of replacing legacy systems and processes with fit-for-purpose tools and approaches. We also know that complexity can weaken security. In implementing the right workplace for your needs, we help you simplify your operations while keeping your data, applications and people secure.


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Deploying new workplaces is not a plan for the future. Many organizations are well advanced in giving their employees the environments they need to do their best work. Here are some enterprises we’ve worked with to deliver a new type of workforce experience.



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Workplace Together: our comprehensive solution

Workplace Together meets the needs of both users and organizations through a comprehensive set of solutions that gives enterprises access to the technology and vendors that meet their needs.


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