Orange Business cited by Omdia as a global managed services Internet aggregator


Helping enterprises evolve to meet enterprise Internet VPN momentum

Date: April 2021
Analyst: Brian Washburn, Research Director, Service Provider Enterprise & Wholesale

Enterprises face a tough challenge to manage different contracts and schedules, service terms, operations processes and support options when transforming and building enterprise networks.

According to Brian Washburn, Research Director Omdia, “A primary reason for enterprises to consider Internet aggregators is to have the freedom to choose among many ISPs, to build enterprise network segments with Internet VPNs. To use public Internet for corporate traffic, the enterprise needs a level of information insight, management control and basic accountability over its subscribed Internet services. Few enterprises like the idea of buying from a long list of ISPs directly.

"The enterprise would need to manage different contracts and schedules, service terms, operations processes and support options. Choosing an Internet aggregator puts one partner in charge of supplying services from other Internet providers and manages relationships on its behalf.”


The role of Internet VPN will grow in enterprise networks over the next 2-3 years

The role of internet VPN will grow in enterprise networks over the next 2-3 years


In this research study, Omdia reviews the current challenges to enterprises, key trends, the role of Internet VPN as it grows in enterprise networks over the next 2-3 years, and how Orange Business is recognized for its capabilities, including Multisourcing Services Integration, to help enterprises move to Internet VPN with managed services. Download the report to find out more.


Daniel Bigagli

"Enterprises are struggling in the context of rapid 'cloud-ification' of enterprise networks and the expansion of SD-WAN and workspace solutions, which has sharpened the operational complexity of working with multiple providers. As such, we are very pleased that Omdia has recognized Orange Business for our capabilities in giving enterprises more freedom and flexibility to move from MPLS VPN to Internet VPN and still guarantee control and performance by highlighting the importance of Multisourcing Service Integration (MSI).

"With MSI, our primary focus is to become a trusted partner for our customers, acting as both an Internet and network aggregator to ease their digital transformation to new, evolving, hybrid networks and ecosystems. We facilitate and bring flexibility in managing their multiple ISPs according to their selected option(s), guaranteeing the right quality-of-service performance to meet their business outcomes.
"This recognition emphasizes that we have listened to the converging market needs by enriching our MSI solution to address different scenarios of multi-sourced IT ecosystems and are positioning our services to add value for our customers. We will continue evolving this approach by continuously improving support, processes and tools that leverage AI and machine learning."
Daniel Bigagli, Vice President Enterprise Services, Orange Global Solutions for Business