Today’s cyber threat landscape is unprecedented in size and diversity, requiring a change in mindset if enterprises are to protect their key assets (brand, intellectual property, customer data, etc.). Investing in threat detection, and subsequent remediation and response, as well as traditional threat protection are all key to survival.
Below, you'll find all the information you need to know about next-generation security, so that you can make your own informed decisions concerning people-centric security, governance, cloud migration, continuous surveillance and AI.

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Minimize the risk of attack

As a large organization, you have many significant threat management challenges to overcome, especially when it comes to advanced, coordinated attacks. Download this guide to discover our six steps of effective threat management.

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Would you know what to do to beat the hackers?

There’s a large-scale global cyber attack underway, and it’s threatening to bring down your organization. You're the only person left with access to your systems who can fight back the hackers.

Don’t wait until the real thing happens to find out if you could handle a cyber attack. By then it could be too late. Test yourself now with our Threat Management Challenge. Could you save the day?


Running with bulls

Running with bulls

In cybersecurity, the hunter-hunted analogy results in a reactive, fear-driven approach to online threats. Charl Van der Walt, Chief Security Strategy Officer at SecureData, sees more value in learning to run with the bulls, to deal with the chaos that cybersecurity threats bring. And his vision could help you to revolutionize your approach to cybersecurity.

Watch this insightful, on-demand webinar that examines the cybercrime threat landscape through the eyes of an ethical hacker, and discover how you can help your business improve security agility and access expert resources.

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