Extraordinary times require ready responses, and it starts with having the right network

There is now an increased importance in getting the most from our software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) so that organizations can connect their end users to cloud-based applications wherever they are and whenever they need to.

How can you maximize the potential of high-speed connectivity between your employees, your customers and all your geographically dispersed locations? How do you make the most of your ability to fully-automate every day procedures and processes to increase efficiency and productivity?

What benefits can be derived from the flexibility that comes with being able to easily scale your networks in line with increased or unexpected surges in demand? How can you get greater value from your data? And, using recent global events as a perfect example, what can you do to ensure your customers can stay engaged and your remote workforces can collaborate and work effectively? How do you get the visibility to monitor performance and make sure that your enterprise network security is as robust as it can possibly be?

With Orange Flexible SD-WAN, you'll benefit from a cost-effective solution and an optimized end-user experience, all protected by Orange Cyberdefense solutions.


In the next four or five years, the number of enterprises deploying Internet-based WAN is expected to grow to 30% and SD-WAN to reach 60% of enterprises.

Gartner, December 2019


How to optimize your operations during a
global disruption

Based on proven customer examples, this webinar uncovers what businesses can do to continue to deliver high-performance computing when having to adapt to large numbers of their workforce working remotely – including immediate actions.

Pierre-Marie Binvel, Head of Connectivity and Orange Cyberdefense Europe; Charl van der Walk, Head of Security Research, Orange Cyberdefense; Laurent Lacroix, Head of Security Europe, Orange Business; Sonia Gameiro, Head of Application Performance Management Consulting Practice, Orange Business


Nine tips to keep your business operations optimized through a crisis

Organizations have been racing to work out how they can maximize application performance across their application-driven networks, while providing users with remote access and ensuring security across the business. Check out our "Nine tips to keep your business working remotely through a crisis" to uncover:

  • How to do more with fewer resources in a crisis
  • How to optimize your network to accommodate the demand for more remote access
  • How to maintain performance with the proper use of monitoring



Orange Business retains status as a "Leader" in Gartner's 2020 Network Services Magic Quadrant

According to Gartner, Orange Business is positioned as a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Services for the 20th consecutive year and continues to offer the broadest global coverage in terms of POPs, including in all emerging regions.

The report covers Business VPN Galerie, our comprehensive, carrier-based cloud offering with connectivity to nine clouds in fifteen cities and concludes that "Orange should be considered by all enterprises with requirements for managed global networks across all regions."

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Gartner Magic Quadrant


Enterprise networks in the new normal

Enterprise networks in the “new normal”

In this paper, we examine the long-term impact on enterprise networks of new working practices brought about as a consequence of the pandemic – in the home and the office, across software-defined networks and connected objects.

How, for example, there will need to be greater oversight and scrutiny of standards, equipment and user behavior in the home office. How adoption of software-defined networks (SDNs) will increase and how cybersecurity will also have to step up to match the demand for remote working and the greater need for remote access.

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Our customers


Orange and Mars

Intelligence and automation in a massive multinational network

Orange Business was chosen by Mars to transform its existing network to deliver an end-to-end solution that greatly enhanced the user experiences of more than 125,000 Mars employees in more than 80 countries, as well as delivering an intelligent, automated network that will future proof the company’s operations – four times the capacity at a lower cost.

With the intelligent network in place, Mars is better prepared to manage the vastly increased levels of data that will travel through its network as its business grows.

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Orange and Sony

SD-WAN and large-scale network transformation

Sony had a strategic goal to accelerate decision making and collaboration by pulling together its various business units – digital imaging, gaming and mobile – under the “One Sony” banner, a huge project that required a massive network transformation towards software-defined.

To enable this, Sony required a new consolidated IT infrastructure built on a unified global network. Sony engaged with Orange Business and signed an agreement to migrate around 500 locations around the world from its five business units onto new infrastructure based on SD-WAN.

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