[Replay] How to optimize your operations during a global disruption?

Challenged by the need to handle a large increase in remote workers, businesses are trying to figure out how to adapt and deliver a uniform level of performance across their entire user base without deteriorating the end-user experience or compromising on security.

In this webinar, based on proven customer examples, discover what can be done and how you can take action right now.

The session includes experience sharing and guidance on how to:

  • Quickly scale enterprise remote access capacity up and down using a mix of security, network and cloud solutions
  • Raise awareness among remote workers of the heightened cyberattack risks
  • Monitor end-user experience to influence their behavior and adapt IT resources accordingly


  • Pierre-Marie Binvel, Head of Connectivity and Orange Cyberdefense Europe
  • Charl van der Walk, Head of Security Research, Orange Cyberdefense
  • Laurent Lacroix, Head of Security Europe, Orange Business Services
  • Sonia Gameiro, Head of Application Performance Management Consulting Practice, Orange Business Services

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