Project Management

Delegate your IT solution's deployment to a Project Manager for better peace of mind



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Ensure the success of your IT project delivery while mitigating risks

Orange Business presents Project Management, which enables you to benefit from a project manager or a team of project managers for the deployment of your IT solution, from transition to transformation.

With Project Management, whether you want to switch to a cloud-based service or manage a transformation of your IT ecosystem, entrust your project to our experts, who will take care of it from A to Z. This way, you can remain focused on your core business while ensuring business continuity and rigorous risk management.

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Delivery of your projects on time with guaranteed success

An Orange project manager or a team of project managers will assist you with any type of project, from the simplest to the most complex, by adapting to your needs.

Project manager(s) at your side

Delegate the delivery of your project to an expert and stay focused on your core business.

  • The project manager programs the deployment or the transformation of your IT services.
  • They orchestrate the various internal and external resources at Orange Business.
  • They lead the periodic meetings and provide the minutes.
  • They make certain billing is in line with your deployed solution.
  • They ensure that your entire project runs smoothly until it is completed.
  • They assess your satisfaction.

Three levels of service

Obtain the right deployment tailored to your project.

  • Led by the designated project manager alone or with the support of an extended team through central or local control of the deployment.
  • A specific schedule is set according to the global delivery of the project and in coordination with the stakeholders.
  • Organized as per the governance put in place, including all third parties involved in the project, with regular status meetings.
  • Involves a set of activities and deliverables (project charter, status reporting, project closure) that the project manager must deliver remotely or during specific meetings, depending on the complexity of the situation.

The SYNERGY methodology

Discover industry-leading practice guidelines and techniques of managing your project in four steps.

  • Setting the project objectives. Risks and constraints' identification and validation of the solution's scope to be deployed. Delivery of the macro-planning.
  • Definition of the project organization. Description of the technical characteristics of the solution. Detailed schedule of the deployment.
  • Weekly reporting on the status of commissioning. Management of risks and constraints. Project decisions and arbitrations.
  • End of project assessment. End of project certificate.


Discover examples of project management needs

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Adopt a new IT service

Maintain productivity by ensuring business continuity for your employees and partners. You delegate the coordination of the project to guarantee the deployment of the new service on your sites involved.

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Migrate to IP solutions impacting multiple international sites

Relieve your internal resources from managing the migration of your IT solution to new services impacting a large number of sites worldwide by delegating it to an expert, who will secure your project from start to finish.

Launch a major transformation project including services from other providers

Benefit from a project management team to coordinate your company's structural IT transformation, including multiple product domains from multiple providers, which require numerous sites to be deployed around the world.

What are the benefits of Project Management?

Stay focused on your business activities while ensuring the correct deployment of your projects.

Deploy your project on time

You benefit from strong commitments on deadlines, dates and quality of deployment. Potential risks are managed to respect the end date, defined with you at the project launch meeting.

Secure your project and your business

You have qualified resources to take care of the technical aspects of your project that will ensure business continuity for your partners and employees.

Stay focused on your core business

Your designated person or team manages your project from A to Z for you. The deliverables and follow-up are adapted to your requirements.

Facilitate effective decision making

You can monitor all stages of your project thanks to regular up-to-date visibiliy. You benefit from greater anticipation for better control of any actions you may need to take internally.

What makes the difference with Orange Business?

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