Workforce Management: alleviate the complexity of organizing your agents

Allow Workforce Management to pinpoint potential recruitment changes and respond to real-time workload fluctuations. Meet forecasted deviations with appropriate planning to take the headache out of scheduling and ensure your company can always satisfy its demand.

Optimize your business with accurate forecasting

Streamline your business so you know what your staff requirements are at all times, even if they change during the working day. Employees will benefit from a flexible system, and you can save on labor costs by avoiding over and under-staffing.



Estimate long-term recruiting requirements

  • Accurately project future staffing needs and skill combinations to support customer demand and back-office task completion
  • Build “what-if” scenarios to see how alterations in shift patterns would impact performance


Match staffing with demand to meet quality goals

  • Give employees the ability to view their schedules, request time off and bid for or trade shifts in real time
  • Define optimal resource deployment based on projected demand and agent availability, preferences or work guidelines
Intra-day Management

Intra-day Management

Respond to changing conditions in real-time

  • Compare actual versus forecasted statistics to take corrective change
  • Identify utilization gaps and resources available for assignment
  • Manage schedule exceptions and adherence results


Real-time software, real-time benefits

Employees at every level of your organization will see visible improvements and personal benefits from implementing Workforce Management.


Customer service organizations

  • Serve a more satisfied customer base with shorter waiting times and more effectively managed issues
  • Meet SLAs by quickly adapting to same-day forecasts
  • Optimize resource allocations and overtime costs

Workforce managers

  • Satisfy customer demand without the worry of being under or over-staffed
  • Save time by removing administrative workload for forecasting and scheduling
  • Reduce absenteeism, and improve adherence to schedules



  • Maintain a better work-life balance with more flexible schedules, including work-from-home options
  • Boost motivation and engagement through flexible shift-trading to suit staff availability





Still need convincing?

Workforce Management will provide a direct boost to your company with lasting effects.

  • Maximize the quality of customer support
  • Increase the satisfaction of your clients and agents
  • Fully optimize your resources
  • Boost your workforce’s performance
  • Empower your employees
  • Reduce overtime costs and labor waste
  • Exceed SLAs


And last, but most certainly not least

With Workforce Management, you'll see substantial ROI improvements due to more highly satisfied customers and the ease of employee scheduling.


ROI improvements


An experienced integrator you can trust

We are a proven integrator with unique capabilities in workforce engagement, analytics and automation. We will map your business needs and integrate your application into your existing contact centers for a seamless approach and a bespoke end-to-end journey. Our aftercare service has 15 experts worldwide to deploy your offer and solve any issues you may encounter.


Customer success story

Our comprehensive expertise and experience has helped many global customers benefit from our solutions. We helped a multinational IT and telecom company digitize its customer experience and enhance its workforce management.

Workforce Management combined with Interactive Voice Response service for 12,000 agents in over 150 locations worldwide:

  • Built a digital experience and provided quality customer service
  • Enhanced management of globally dispersed contact centers
  • Delivered best-in-class sales aftercare


Our partners

We have a vast repertoire of business partners, and you'll benefit from working with leaders in the customer service market, including:






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