Orange Business expands reach of Flexible Computing enterprise cloud infrastructure services

Orange Business today announced the expansion of Flexible Computing, an Infrastructure as a Service offer. With 500 customers already operating from its European platform, Flexible Computing is now available from cloud-ready data centers in North America and Asia. Flexible Computing meets the growing demand from multinational corporations (MNCs) for networked cloud infrastructure services from a single communications and IT services provider.

Orange Business integrates Flexible Computing with its global network to deliver a secure end-to-end service for moving business applications to the cloud. Working with a single provider removes complexity and guarantees performance and availability through stringent business-centric SLAs. Additional benefits include:

  • rapid scalability and flexibility:  Flexible Computing offers a scalable and modular service for fast and easy provisioning of resources that can scale up and down to meet fluctuating demand and dynamic business growth.
  • self-managed or fully-managed service:  MNCs can choose either self-managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service accessed through a secure easy-to-use self-service portal, or a fully-managed service, allowing MNCs to further optimize internal IT resources to focus on strategic projects and application delivery.
  • usage-based pricing:  Through usage-based invoicing, customers can predict and monitor both their IT resources and service consumption. Paying only for the resources and services they use helps companies better align IT costs with business activities.


An early international customer of the Flexible Computing service is China’s Tiens Group, a multinational corporation in capital management across a number of industries, including biotechnology, health, hotels and e-commerce. Orange Business is supplying virtual computing resources for Tiens business units around the world. With Flexible Computing, Tiens can rapidly scale up or scale down according to demand. This is driving down costs and helping Tiens establish itself more quickly in new markets.

“Orange Business created a global IT infrastructure in the cloud to match our international business on the ground,” said Bai Ping, President of Tiens Group. “We have become a more agile organization as we continue to grow globally, and that is all due to the depth and scope of the Flexible Computing service provided.”

“The international expansion of Flexible Computing, coupled with Orange’s seamless cloud-ready network, offers the reach, flexibility and unmatched coverage that our customers are looking for,” said Thierry Bonhomme, CEO, Orange Business. “The on-demand IT resources and infrastructure enables them to seize new markets and opportunities, as well as accelerate time-to-market for new products and services.”

Cloud computing is one of the strategic pillars of the Orange Business “Conquests 2015” plan, targeting 500 million euros in cloud computing revenues in 2015. After a 33 percent increase in 2012 cloud computing revenue, Orange Business is on track to meet its objective.