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Orange Business Services worldwide

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  • ethernet leaderboard

    Our extensive network coverage has enabled us to retain our standing as the top global Ethernet provider in Vertical Systems Group’s Year-End 2014 Global Provider Ethernet Leaderboard.

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  • intelligence in cybersecurity
    Forty-three percent of companies experienced a data breach in the last year. Consider these suggestions to help prevent your company from falling victim to today's constantly evolving security threats.


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  • let's talk machine to machine

    M2M technology is helping companies streamline product and service offerings, enhancing bottom lines and increasing revenues, while simultaneously letting them deliver a better customer experience.

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  • Real Times

    Real Times brings you everything you need to get ahead. Our monthly online magazine for global decision makers delivers the latest technology news, views and insight from around the world. Can you afford to miss it?

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DACOM: how digital technology is transforming agriculture

Dacom uses an Orange M2M solution to improve the production of arable crops worldwide.

  • Aurecon

    Aurecon has enhanced global collaboration and application performance with a robust, secure network and improved service delivery and lower costs.

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  • Louvre Hotels Group

    The Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA) solution by Akamai enabled the Louvre Hotels Group to gain an average of five seconds in response times on all their booking websites.

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  • Transcom

    An Orange IP VPN solution has given Transcom the ability to maintain high customer service standards while the company rapidly grows its worldwide business.

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  • International SOS

    Orange has transformed the global network infrastructure that International SOS relies on to support its complex emergency and life-saving global operations.

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