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Orange Business Services worldwide

  • Aligning Experience with Expectation

    We're the winner of Ocean82’s new Aligning Experience and Expectation recognition. Our number one ranking is a result of our success in satisfying customers with a world-class customer value package.

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  • big data & analytics

    Using big data & analytics, you can transform your data into performance. We offer unique knowledge in the processing and valuation of your data, right up until the implementation of your IT systems.

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  • Orange Applications for Business

    With Orange Applications for Business, the strength of an operator and the expertise of a digital services company are combined to ensure your digital transformation and enhance your business performance.

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  • Real Times

    Real Times brings you everything you need to get ahead. Our monthly online magazine for global decision makers delivers the latest technology news, views and insight from around the world. Can you afford to miss it?

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NFC: a customer relations revolution

  • discover how NFC is revolutionizing the customer journey by eliminating the need for cash and paper tickets
  • gain insight into the opportunities and advantages mobile NFC presents for customers and retailers
  • understand the key points to consider when creating and launching an NFC project and common mistakes to avoid


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