Orange Business appoints global director of oil, gas and mining vertical to reinforce its development on this market

Orange Business has appointed Martin Denari as global director of the company’s industry sector focused on oil, gas and mining. With more than 25 years of international experience and executive leadership, Denari oversees the development of Orange’s communications and vertical-specific solutions for large exploration and production companies that operate on an international scale.

Oil, gas and mining are core vertical industries for Orange. With offices, refineries, extraction sites, ships and pipelines widely dispersed across the globe, sometimes in hard-to-reach places, both on and off shore, companies need to rely on a connected IT infrastructure and advanced communication services to support their development across the globe.

Exploration makes up the majority of costs for oil, gas and mining companies as they try to meet a growing demand for resources that are becoming scarce. These exploration regions present challenges in access, safety, retrieval and costs. In his new position, Denari will leverage Orange’s global reach covering 220 countries and territories and deep solution portfolio to design an ICT sustainable environment in which these companies can operate and develop. 

The Orange portfolio includes high-speed VPN and satellite connectivity, unified communications, cloud services, video conferencing, mobile access, M2M connectivity, data analytics and 40-plus years of industry expertise delivering these services to a number of isolated regions. For customers, this translates into more accurate tools for exploring resources, real-time collaboration between workers, fewer accidents, precise asset tracking, and better amenities for an onsite crew.

“The true value-add of Orange Business to the oil, gas and mining industry is making remote, isolated regions more hospitable and accessible for exploration and production,” said Denari, global director, oil, gas & mining vertical, Orange Business. “Customers can rely on Orange to expand beyond their environmental limits in pursuit of new opportunities”

Denari has a thorough background that mixes international business with a sophisticated grounding in engineering, communications and information technology. He has a successful track record, initiating start-ups in a number of different countries. Prior to coming to Orange, Denari served as CEO for such technology service providers as T-Systems Argentina, gedas Argentina (Volkswagen Group), and the Latin American unit of Baan. In the U.S., he served as an IT and business development manager for Halliburton energy services based in Houston, Texas. He also worked in several countries for Schlumberger in close contact with real-time data delivery activities between well sites and interpretation centers.