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Connecting you in more remote locations

Our global reach means that we can keep you connected at all locations, however remote. We have a wide range of products and services that can improve collaboration, improve employee wellbeing and meet business objectives.


“Connectivity, real-time data delivery, collaboration and M2M are the technological pillars that allow oil, gas and mining to bridge the gap between speedy decisions and resource availability. In this field, Orange Business Services is a leading global player, offering connectivity that goes from GSM to MPLS to VSAT, all the way to laying sub-sea surface fiber optic cables. With technologies like M2M, UCC and telepresence central to our value proposition, we create a reliable and real-time collaboration environment for today’s digital oilfield.”

Martin Denari, ‎Global Director Vertical
Oil, Gas and Mining at Orange Business Services

our solutions


real-time interaction

Orange provides connectivity all the way to exploration and production locations via sub-sea cables, broadband satellite, microwave and cellular networks. This means remote sites can access the same unified communications tools and technologies as branch offices, including instant messaging, email, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) calling, and videoconferencing.

For instance, the oil and gas industry relies heavily on scientific experts, including geologists, petro-physicists and reservoir engineers. They advise on crucial matters such as reservoir interpretation, drilling direction and well analysis. With a live video feed, experts at a central location can make quick and informed decisions about the remote site.


global footprint

By its very nature, oil, gas and mining exploration and production often takes place in very remote locations. This means that facilities can be far away from telecommunications and IT infrastructure, making it difficult to access central IT applications and services.

Orange Business Services has an unequaled global footprint that reaches many of these remote locations. We offer VPN access through our backbone and mobile connectivity through GSM and LTE/4G networks. For really hard-to-reach sites, we offer VSAT broadband satellite coverage and can install subsea fiber optic cables to connect offshore platforms.


employee well being

Network connectivity plays a key role in improving working conditions at remote production or exploration sites. For example, telemedicine can be invaluable in the event of an accident or injury at a remote location. Even though a physician is on site, a consulting physician can help with diagnosis and provide extra support.

Conditions in the oil and gas industry are difficult, especially for young workers who are used to being “always connected.” Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Skype and email are a part of their everyday lives, and the idea of leaving it for a remote oil field can be unappealing. With the right technology, you can provide onsite workers the connectedness they desire and create a friendlier environment, helping to increase productivity and employee morale.



Technology plays an increasingly important role in business. But standard off-the-shelf technology can rarely solve key business problems in complex multi-disciplinary industries like oil, gas and mining. We can help you achieve your business objectives with technology innovation through an open innovation approach of co-innovation and co-development.

Orange Business Services devotes over €800M year after year to innovation and has over 5,000 researchers and engineers working in research and development (R&D). We have over 7,650 patents in our portfolio and have innovation centers worldwide, including China, Egypt, France, Japan, Poland, Spain, the U.K., and the U.S.

four pillars


Our customer value proposition is built on four pillars to meet all of your business needs:
  • real time
  • collaboration
  • innovation
  • digital oilfield


The Digital Oilfield
The Digital Oilfield

our portfolio



  • network: agnostic connectivity, Ethernet, microwave, VPN, VSAT, marine, etc.
  • acceleration solutions: MPLS, CDN


data management

  • cloud: public and private cloud
  • big data transmission and storage
  • managed data center, infrastructure consolidation
  • data sharing and training
  • collaborative tools (e.g., telepresence) for a powerful real-time collaboration environment


employee health and safety

  • tracking and monitoring: GPS, RFID, telematics (fleet management)
  • entertainment: connected TV, IPTV, VoIP, video services (telemedicine, diagnostics)


IT services

  • security, infrastructure, virtualization, disaster recovery plan

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improving working conditions in the oil and gas industry

Operating in remote and sometimes hostile locations--it can be challenging working in the oil and gas industry. Information and communications technology (ICT) promises to transform working conditions, thereby encouraging a new generation of workers to join the industry.

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