Orange Business achieves “World Class” rating for customer steadfastness

independent customer benchmark study on user experiences of global data VPN operators finds Orange Business “World Class”

Orange Business is positioned as a “Dolphin” for achieving a “World Class” perceived performance rating from customers, according to the recently published 11th edition of the Ocean82 benchmarking report “Voice of the Customer:  Global DataVPN.” This report also names Orange Business as the global provider that users expect to be the most successful in maintaining long-term competitive advantage. The few service providers rated “World Class” are symbolized as dolphins because these mammals are known for their flexibility, strength, stamina, social skills, intelligence, and ability to thrive in a difficult environment.

“The independently produced Ocean82 results demonstrate that Orange Business earned the appreciation of our customers for the work done to meet their requirements effectively from quote-to-bill,” said Dominique Espinasse, Senior Vice President, Customer Services & Operations, Orange Business. “We are delighted too that we are seen as having the highest chance of organic growth relative to other global providers. The improvements we have prioritized over the years were purposefully designed to make certain that we gave an enduring and outstanding customer experience overall. Our commitment to our customers has been unceasing and has intensified in recent months.”

“Orange Business obtained the highest Positioning Score which means that customers’ overall perceived a minimum standard of excellence in performance,” said Janet Watkin, Managing Director at Ocean82. “They also declared their relative strong commitment to buy more, recommend to peers and renew contracts.”  

The Ocean82 Positioning Score predicts sustainable advantage. According to the report, Orange Business emerges among the most formidable of the eight global providers and is one of only two operators to earn the “World Class” accolade. By surpassing the resilience benchmark and raising the bar to set a new world record in its genre, Orange Business is seen as the favorite to triumph in the challenging global data VPN market of the future.

“In terms of global data networking, among the major eight global service providers, Orange Business is perceived as ‘best in breed’ by end users, though there is no room for complacency,” added Watkin.
In total 965 respondents from large business enterprises participated in the survey generating in excess of 55,000 data points. These data points were analyzed to derive the Ocean82 Positioning Score, a measure of strategic success.

About Orange Business
Orange Business, the France Telecom-Orange branch dedicated to B2B services, is a leading global integrator of communications solutions for multinational corporations. With the world's largest, seamless network for voice and data, Orange Business reaches 220 countries and territories with local support in 166. Offering a comprehensive package of communication services covering cloud computing, enterprise mobility, M2M, security, unified communications, videoconferencing, and broadband, Orange Business delivers a best-in-class customer experience across a global landscape. Thousands of enterprise customers and 1.4 million mobile data users rely on an Orange Business international platform for communicating and conducting business. Orange Business is a four-time winner of Best Global Operator at the World Communication Awards. Learn more at

France Telecom-Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with 170,000 employees worldwide and sales of 22.6 billion euros in the first semester 2011. Orange is the Group's single brand for Internet, television and mobile services in the majority of countries where the company operates. France Telecom (NYSE:FTE) is listed on Euronext Paris (compartment A) and on the New York Stock Exchange.

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About Ocean82
Ocean82 is an established marketing services firm specializing in benchmarking the customer service experience for the Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) industry. It offers marketing research, consultancy, publications and online services. Ocean82 is known for its track record in ‘voice of the customer’ analysis of competitive positioning; business strategy; demand estimates; branding; tariffs; product development; post-purchase care; channel management and pre-sales support. It has experience in 30 countries and 10 languages often making Ocean82 the first-choice supplier for many organizations with a requirement for international marketing research and analysis covering emerging technologies such as cloud computing, MPLS, VoIP, networked services, convergence and hosting applications.