Orange Business launches new trusted GenAI offers end-to-end for French customers

  • Orange Business is the first company to support the complete lifecycle of trusted GenAI projects
  • In partnership with LightOn, a French start-up specialized in GenAI solutions

At Orange Business Summit, Orange Business has announced two new trusted generative AI (GenAI) offers. The solutions, covering the infrastructure layer (IaaS) and applications (SaaS), make Orange Business the first on the market to cover the entire lifecycle of trusted GenAI solutions, from ideation to maintenance. Orange Business provides professional services to support businesses' deployment of AI and value creation. They provide organizations with acculturation and ideation workshops to define use cases, configurations, programming and training.

New generative AI solutions: “Trusted GenAI powered by Orange Business”

Orange Business has launched two GenAI offers to support businesses of all sizes in their digital transformation. The solutions are supported by very high bandwidth servers and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and are hosted in Orange data centers in France on the trusted Cloud Avenue platform and operated by Orange Business. This guarantees full control over data and cost, which is particularly important for large-scale deployments. These offers have been co-constructed with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), a leader in hybrid cloud and a strategic partner of Orange Business, and provides the hardware infrastructure with HPE GreenLake.

  • A SaaS GenAI offer in collaboration with LightOn

This fully integrated SaaS solution is designed for enterprises of all sizes (SMEs and ETIs) who want a ready-to-use service that can adapt to a wide array of use cases (document management, reporting, content generation, etc.). The service was developed in partnership with LightOn, a French startup that provides a complete solution with Large Language Models (LLMs) and intuitive business interfaces, which makes it extremely easy and understandable for average users to use and optimize. Unique to the market, the service can be tailored to different organizations by integrating specific document databases. Customers can benefit from the potential of GenAI with a very low error rate. The solution, entirely managed by Orange Business, combines data confidentiality and security with efficient cost control.

"As a French company and strong advocate of open source, we are delighted to partner with Orange Business for this launch. Our commitment to data sovereignty, combined with our expertise and established solutions, make us the ideal partner to meet the trusted AI needs of businesses," says Laurent Daudet, CEO of LightOn.

  • A GPU as a Service for inference and training

This IaaS offer – GPU as a Service – is for customers who require complete control over a trusted infrastructure that can host all types of GenAI projects. On its Cloud Avenue platform, Orange Business provides dedicated hardware resources (GPUs) allowing businesses to deploy their own LLMs – with a partner of their choice – for flexibility and sufficient computing power. The solution offers a high degree of customization and addresses two primary use cases:

  • Training: fine-tuning and specialization powered by servers equipped with ultra-high-performance GPUs. The infrastructure dedicated for this training is designed to train complex models that require significant computing power.
  • Inference: for large-scale GenAI projects. Customers now have access to a dedicated infrastructure for the development and deployment of their models for a large number of users.

Orange Business, a trusted partner

For years Orange has been committed to creating a digitally responsible environment while being a trusted partner who gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world. This is backed by the creation of a Data and Artificial Intelligence Ethics Charter in 2022 and the establishment of an Orange Data and AI Ethics Council. Orange continues to be dedicated to developing ethical and responsible processes, benefiting customers as well as employees.

Orange Business contributes to a world of digital trust by addressing business needs across the entire digital value chain, using an end-to-end approach: from connectivity to the cloud, encompassing data and cybersecurity. This initiative relies on technological, regulatory and operational measures to guarantee data security and confidentiality, as well as infrastructure resilience. The launch of these new products in France are part of this commitment.

"We are proud to launch these GenAI offers, which mark an important step forward in our commitment to support customers in their digital transformation. By collaborating with partners like LightOn, we aim to reinforce our commitment to data sovereignty. These solutions underline our company's vision to provide differentiated and trusted solutions for diverse business needs, while continuing to be a trusted player in the AI industry," says Aliette Mousnier-Lompré, CEO of Orange Business.