The best of the best – discover the 2023 Orange Partner Awards winners

Which Partners made a difference this year in each of our 19 product and sales categories?

On December 14th, Orange Business and Orange Cyberdefense organized the 8th Edition of the Partner Day, gathering 75 partners represented by 190 attendees. It provided a tremendous opportunity not only to share updates about our sales and product strategy and to meet together but also to recognize and award our partners for their contributions to our joint growth.

We are extremely proud of our work with all our partners, and our customers recognize the value that each of them can bring to answering their specific business needs & use cases. As the year comes to an end, it is time for us to celebrate some of the most outstanding results, promising collaborations and unique solutions. These are the Orange Partner Awards 2023.

Global Partner of the Year 2023: Cisco

Cisco was the most recognized partner across all categories this year, a reflection of our stronger-than-ever collaboration. We are improving our joint solutions supporting Customer and Employee expertise, making concrete commitments together on energy-efficiency and sustainability, and have delivered remarkable new solutions across connectivity and security, in particular for French customers. Well done!

Partenaire mondial de l'année 2023 : Cisco

José Van Dijk VP, EMEA Partner Sales & Routes to Market and Partner Performance and Experience Cisco, Aliette Mousnier-Lompre CEO Orange Business and Olivier Bonnet De Paillerets Vice-président exécutif technologie & marketing Orange Cyberdefense

Sales performance and customer awards

  • Best Partner in Asia Pacific 2023: Fortinet
  • Best Partner in Middle East and Africa 2023: Dataiku
  • Best Partner in Europe 2023: Fortinet
  • Best Partner for French Enterprise customers 2023: Cisco
  • Best Partner for French Large Customers 2023: Cisco
  • Best Partner for Americas Customers 2023: Microsoft
  • Best Partner for Orange affiliates’ customers 2023: Microsoft
  • Best Partner for Orange Cyberdefense customers 2023: Fortinet /li>

Product and innovation awards

  • Best Partner for new Cloud solutions 2023: AWS
  • Best Partner for new Connectivity solutions 2023: VMware
  • Best Partner for new Cyberdefense solutions 2023: Netskope
  • Best Partner for new SASE solutions 2023: Palo Alto Networks
  • Best Partner for new Employee Experience solutions 2023: Microsoft
  • Best Partner for new Operational Experience solutions 2023: Cisco et Nokia (ex aequo)
  • Best Partner for new Customer Experience solutions 2023 Salesforce
  • Best Partner in Sustainability 2023: Cisco et Apple (ex aequo)
  • Best Partner in Digital Trust 2023: Ekinops
  • New Partner of the Year 2023: Custodia Technology

Congratulations to every partner for excellent progress this year! Let’s look forward to an even more successful year in 2024.


Miguel Alvarez – Chief Partner Officer, Orange Business
Nicolas Drogou – Director of Global Partnerships, Orange Cyberdefense


Miguel Alvarez – Orange Business Chief Partner Officer 

Miguel Alvarez, Chief Partner Officer at Orange Business since October 2022, drives partner relationships for customer support and mutual growth. Formerly VP of Operations Strategy, he pioneered operational models, automation, and digital integration globally. With Orange since 2009, he led in Innovation, B2B Sales, and Marketing. Holding a master's in engineering, Miguel, of Spanish descent, resides in Paris with his family.


Nicolas Drogou – Orange Cyberdefense Partnerships Director 

Nicolas Drogou is Director of Global Partnerships at Orange Cyberdefense. With over 23 years of experience at Orange Cyberdefense and Orange Business, Nicolas is adept in sales, business development, and security, overseeing global partnerships, commercial growth, and regional security practices. His expertise includes strategic program management, fostering innovation, and achieving numerous awards for excellence in service and partnership development.