At Orange, our focus on key partners is creating value and business outcomes for our customers

How Orange Business and Orange Cyberdefense combine broad and deep capabilities around strategic partners to deliver meaningful value for customers

A question of focus: where partners fit in our strategy

Together, Orange Business and Orange Cyberdefense make for a unique combination:  our unparallelled capabilities span from network to digital services to integration and embedded cybersecurity. 

We invest heavily in gaining in-depth expertise on our strategic partners and selectively collaborate with a few preferred ones for each business need feeding into our key Strategic Value Propositions: Digital Infrastructure, Employee Experience, Customer Experience and Operational Experience.

Our collaboration DNA is to co-develop innovative & unique solutions with them where together we aim for best-in-class customer satisfaction and the highest performance service models. In simple words: the worlds’ best technology further enhanced & empowered by Orange.

Innovation at the core: the examples of Evolution Platform and GenAI 

In addition to building highly reliable solutions, our collaboration with Partners also brings innovation to our customers for their desired business outcomes. 

Take for example Evolution Platform, a cloud-like experience to access next-gen connectivity and security solutions like Fortinet SD-WAN, Netskope SSE (from our “Best New Partner 2022”) and 5 other partners – the number is steadily growing. 

Or Generative AI, which has the potential to revolutionize productivity in the enterprise. Orange is proud to participate in the early tests of Microsoft 365 Copilot and is developing specific expertise to deploy, adopt and make the most of this new technology.

Expert advice that adapts to the customer’s context and priorities

Expert advice that adapts to the customer’s context and priorities

We work proactively and hand in hand with our partners to shorten our clients’ time-to-value.   We also acknowledge that every customer is unique, and Orange will always be flexible on technology choices across our partner portfolio, integrating with new partners and third parties as needed.

We raise the bar and celebrate excellence 

Every year, Orange Business and Orange Cyberdefense challenge ourselves and our partners to build more trusted, sustainable, and data-driven solutions. We are highly demanding, but also happy to recognize great collaboration with our yearly Partner Awards. During the Orange Partner Day, we will celebrate our Global Partner of the Year, with whom we are building energy-efficient connectivity for industrial environments and excellent customer and employee experience solutions (amongst many others). Recent acquisitions in the cybersecurity space promise even more value together.

We also recognize winners of several awards that reflect our joint leadership in trusted cloud, secure connectivity, and OT security: the winner of our first-ever SASE award for its innovative single-vendor SASE solution.  

As you can see, unique solutions call for good recipes that are based on a tight collaboration and putting partners at the core of our strategy whilst focusing on our customers’ business outcomes and associated value.  


Miguel Alvarez – Orange Business Chief Partner Officer
Nicolas Drogou – Orange Cyberdefense Partnerships Director


Miguel Alvarez – Orange Business Chief Partner Officer 

Miguel Alvarez, Chief Partner Officer at Orange Business since October 2022, drives partner relationships for customer support and mutual growth. Formerly VP of Operations Strategy, he pioneered operational models, automation, and digital integration globally. With Orange since 2009, he led in Innovation, B2B Sales, and Marketing. Holding a master's in engineering, Miguel, of Spanish descent, resides in Paris with his family.


Nicolas Drogou – Orange Cyberdefense Partnerships Director 

Nicolas Drogou is Director of Global Partnerships at Orange Cyberdefense. With over 23 years of experience at Orange Cyberdefense and Orange Business, Nicolas is adept in sales, business development, and security, overseeing global partnerships, commercial growth, and regional security practices. His expertise includes strategic program management, fostering innovation, and achieving numerous awards for excellence in service and partnership development.