Getting supply chains right is make or break for companies in a world where consumers expect products faster than ever before. How can suppliers, manufacturers, transport hubs and logistics firms use real-time data to create more agile and responsive ecosystems?

Real-time intelligence and the future of supply chains


Supply chains have been rocked by a series of global risk events in recent years – from tsunamis to cyberattacks and the ongoing pandemic. Disruptions lasting a month or more occur every 3.7 years on average.*

Our new research explores how real-time data and digitization are helping firms respond to market, environmental, competitive and geo-political risks to drive customer loyalty and sustainable growth.


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Real-time intelligence and the future of supply chains


Sanofi and Orange Business Services

Views by Bernard Amoury, VP for Worldwide Supply Chains, Sanofi and Frank de Jong, Business Innovation Consultant, Orange Business Netherlands BV


Industry of the future: sovereignty and independence
Industry and analytics: increased resilience through data and digitization
Smart industry: transparency, competitiveness and trustworthiness

Real-time data intelligence is critical to increase resilience in supply chains.

Real-time data intelligence is critical to increase resilience in supply chains. Digitization can accelerate response times, reduce carbon emissions and change the economics of production across on-, near- and off-shore locations.

Orange Business Services


of firms are aware of supply chain risks and need more speed/agility to cope with change**


of those surveyed are reviewing their onshore, nearshore and offshore manufacturing mix**


of firms believe cost savings and sustainability can go hand-in-hand for supply chains**

**Source: Longitude

Why Orange?

Orange has an extensive customer base in the manufacturing, transport and logistics sectors and understands the digital needs of supply chains. We co-innovate with enterprises to create new business value using:

  • Digital twins and IoT for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, automated quality control and the management of fuel, energy and water usage
  • Smart asset tracking across indoor, outdoor and global locations
  • AI and fleet management solutions for dynamic route optimization, logistics scheduling and carbon emissions management
  • Hyperautomation: the combination of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with AI, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) IoT, chatbots and blockchain to turn data insights into instant action
  • Securely connected multi-cloud infrastructure via a choice of 5G, Wi-Fi-6, LP-WAN, fiber and satellite networks

Orange Business Services is a member of leading global alliances:


5G Alliance


AI, data and digital experts

patents in AI/data fields

connected objects managed by Orange

Orange Cyberdefense
solutions that are secure-by-design



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