Increase speed and agility at every phase of the manufacturing lifecycle to achieve operational excellence and improve competitive advantage.
Introduce new flexible and secure communication opportunities between things, machines and people to improve operational efficiency, facilitate supply chain integration and build new and innovative capabilities to move up your value chain.

Industrial IoT

This white paper takes a fresh look at the latest Industrial IoT strategies and successful implementations.

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Push for the next horizon of manufacturing excellence


Enhance operational efficiency to remain competitive

  • Improve insight from your assembly line and ensure facility-wide visibility
  • Enable system-wide improvements by increasing the efficiency of motors and systems
  • Streamline production processes to reduce overhead and conserve resources
  • Optimize operational efficiencies and reduce waste for a direct increase in profits

Improve logistics and traceability

  • Fully integrate the supply chain, seamlessly connecting suppliers, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and customers
  • Provide responsible and reliable delivery while increasing efficiency and cutting costs through automation
  • Deliver the right products into your customers’ hands as quickly as possible

Accelerate innovation and collaboration

  • Establish a smooth flow of information across your complex environment
  • Generate collaboration opportunities to improve teamwork and speed innovation

Improve customer responsiveness

  • Engage and create continuous interactions with your customers
  • Better understand the actual use and performance of your products and solutions
  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering products and services that are increasingly high-performing and tailored to your customers’ needs
  • Maintain interest beyond the sales process by creating innovative services that are linked to the ongoing use of your products

Proven experience in digitizing manufacturing enterprises.


Grow and create value


Orange consultants with 20 years of experience.

years of experience as an M2M operator (2G/3G/4G).

Enhance efficient collaboration among your team and value chain partners

  • Enable your teams to connect and collaborate regardless of location and device
  • Connect your people in factories and other locations to the information they need
  • Empower collaboration with suppliers and partners and make your supply chain perform more easily and efficiently with shared cloud infrastructure

Develop better end-to-end supply and demand planning

  • Use sensors to locate product components in real time and track them throughout production
  • Gain better control and increased efficiency of the supply chain by tracing your pallets from the factory to the warehouse
  • Employ data analytics to automate inventory management and eliminate stock shortages
  • Install telematics devices to enhance intelligent routing and stay updated in real time regarding the position of your fleet and goods

Enrich your offers and develop new services

  • Embed sensors or connected devices in your products to collect and analyze data generated by use of those products
  • Use collected data in your research and design phases to constantly improve your products and services
  • Explore IoT technology and big data to create innovative value-added services
  • Build digital trust with your customers by preventing hacks and cyber attacks

Identify and prioritize optimization opportunities

  • Connect your machines to one another, to your operators and to your information systems using IoT technology
  • Use data from connected objects and digital devices to remotely track, control and manage your assets
  • Leverage data analytics to reduce error and waste, increase energy efficiency, predict breakdowns, reduce downtime and anticipate maintenance

Transform your industrial environment with the latest innovations


Application and data intelligence

IoT connectivity
Connect your assets worldwide with our reliable and highly secure IoT cellular network

Build, implement and secure your data and IoT products with a modular offer

Live Objects
Connect your smart objects to your business applications

Flexible Data
Power up your data projects with complete and secured services

Fleet Performance
Efficiently manage your vehicle fleet

Cloud and IT infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure Management
We build and operate best-of-breed private/public and hybrid platforms

Cloud Expert Services
We provide experts, processes and tools for your IT transformation

Cloud Application Management
We install, deploy and operate your critical applications

Security and cyberdefense

DDoS Protection
Protect your activities from Internet attacks

Security Event Intelligence
Preserve your business by monitoring your information systems

Cyber Risk and Compliance Intelligence
Enhanced vulnerability and compliance management tailored to your needs

Unified Defense
All-in-one protection from cyber attacks

Connectivity and collaboration

Flexible SD-WAN
Use your network efficiently to become more competitive

Business VPN
The foundation for your communications, supporting voice, data, video and all business applications via an MPLS IP-based private network

Business Together
Consolidate your communications tools for more effectiveness

Business Together Sharespace
Secure and fully-managed enterprise social collaboration solution


Amcor, the world’s leading packaging company, chose Orange to address cost management and security concerns

"We know Orange Business Services is a reliable partner with a proven delivery track record. In addition to having an unmatched global presence in both mobile and fixed connectivity, Orange tells a real end-to-end story around IT and digital transformation."

Joel Ranchin, VP Corporate IT & Global Business Services, Amcor


End-to-end support from Orange


Orange: the partner for your digital transformation

  • A global IoT leader with over 16 million connected objects
  • 700 IoT and data analytics experts providing end-to-end support
  • Proven experience in digitizing manufacturing enterprises

Network expertise

  • Connectivity solutions designed for each type of use
  • Global coverage with a broad range of hybrid fixed and mobile networks
  • Over a decade of experience as an M2M operator (2G/3G/4G)
  • LPWAN (LoRa®, LTE-M) network development to prepare for the future of the Internet of Things

Trusted operator: security by design

  • Guaranteed end-to-end security, from devices and users to data platforms and business applications

Helping you build your strategic vision

  • 200 Orange consultants with 20 years of experience
  • Working with you to develop benchmarks and set up workshops for everyone involved in the value chain to help build your vision

Open approach to co-innovation

  • Full regularly enhanced catalog of corporate solutions and services
  • Continuous innovation cycle to prepare for the challenges of the future
  • Leadership of a full ecosystem of partners, from device manufacturers to startups and software publishers