The future of industrial operations will rely on seamless, ubiquitous hyperconnectivity with a range of connectivity solutions to connect and collect data from all your industrial sites, production equipment, field and remote workers, business assets and digital products. Real-time data intelligence helps you to generate unprecedented efficiencies in your production supply chain operations – ultimately improving your responsiveness to fast-changing market conditions.

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The road to Industry 4.0:
Reimagine your production and supply-chain operations with real-time intelligence and smart digital solutions



We have the solutions to help you achieve operational excellence and environmental sustainability, reduce production costs and waste, and adapt faster to market disruptions.

Transform your production and supply-chain operations for greater business agility, resilience and sustainability

The pandemic impacted factories and industrial sites worldwide, highlighting the renewed importance of business continuity and supply-chain resilience for our industrial customers. Connecting industrial sites and production equipment, digitizing and automating operations, and acting upon real-time data are critical for the future of your industrial and manufacturing operations.
We have the solutions to help you achieve operational excellence and environmental sustainability, reduce production costs and waste and adapt to market disruptions more quickly:

  • Use sensors and IoT solutions to enable condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of your production equipment onsite
  • Increase IT-OT convergence for better data-driven decision making while protecting your OT equipment and machines from cyber threats at all times
  • Track your assets and get full visibility across your manufacturing, supply chain and logistics operations to increase utilization of machines and tools, accelerate movement of inbound and outbound raw materials and goods, and optimize your logistics operations
  • Ensure quality control of your production output with computer vision and visual recognition algorithms that can identify defects more accurately than a human workforce can
  • Adopt digital twinning to monitor your production facilities, drive business process optimization and streamline the development of new connected products
  • Automate administrative and time-consuming tasks to allow your field workers to dedicate more time to complex tasks

Empower and protect your employees in the new reality

Worker safety is paramount at industrial sites and manufacturing plants where workers handle hazardous materials and dangerous equipment, sometimes in hard-to-reach locations. We have IoT solutions and wearables that send warnings about workers in potentially harmful situations:

  • In your manufacturing plants, warehouses or mines: avoid accidents with alerts of potential collisions  of moving vehicles or equipment
  • For lone or remote workers: detect unforeseen and sudden movements, such as a fall, and initiate timely rescue operations
  • As a protective measure against COVID-19: ensure social distancing of onsite workers, and monitor air quality in your indoor production and distribution facilities

Technology also has the power to transform the way your employees work and generate new levels of productivity and cost efficiency. New collaboration solutions and digital tools can make their jobs easier and enable them to focus on value-generating tasks. For example, revolutionize working practices throughout your organization by:

  • Using AR/VR for remote onboarding and training of new employees – particularly relevant where social distancing is still required to mitigate the pandemic
  • Enabling remote assistance and maintenance by providing AR/VR solutions to your field workers so they can request expert intervention and guidance from afar
  • Deploying cutting-edge digital workplace solutions and driving user adoption to facilitate data sharing, collaboration and innovation across departments and functions
  • Digitizing and automating repetitive administrative tasks so workers can spend more time on value-generating tasks

Use AR/VR for remote onboarding and training of new employees – particularly relevant in a context where social distancing is required.


From connected laptops and connected cars to smart appliances and medical devices, we ensure your products are secure by design.

Embed connectivity into your products, and develop new business models

Industry 4.0 is not limited to connecting industrial sites, factories and business assets. Embedding connectivity within your own products can drastically transform the way you operate your business and interact with your customers, paving the way to becoming a fully digital business.

We have the IoT, data intelligence and cybersecurity solutions to help you connect your products. From connected laptops and connected cars to smart appliances and medical devices, we ensure your products are secure by design, so you can:

  • Collect and analyze data on how your products are being used by your customers
  • Use collected data and customer insights in your research and design phases to constantly improve your products and services
  • Create and streamline innovative, personalized, value-added services that complement your products: maintenance, part replacements, reverse logistics, post-sales customer service, recycling, etc.
  • Explore new digital business models, such as servitization and consumption-based models, and generate new revenue

The future of industrial operations: Building an information-intensive environment

The future of industrial operations:
Building an information-intensive environment

Find out how you can bridge the gap between traditional IT and OT environments for seamless and secure data acquisition, storage and processing to achieve your Industry 4.0 objectives.

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Our Industry 4.0 solutions



Flexible SD-WAN

Agile, future-proof, cybersecure, multi-cloud connectivity for your industrial sites and offices

IoT Managed Global Connectivity

Reliable and highly secure IoT cellular connectivity for the worldwide deployment of your connected products

Cloud Transformation Expertise

Cloud, security and network experts to fully support your cloud migration strategy end to end, complemented by professional services on big data, AI and edge computing, to make the most of your cloud transformation

End-to-End Cybersecurity

A strong defense line to manage cyber risk across your IT and OT environments and secure your critical data and business activities

Internet of Things and data intelligence

IoT Connect Anywhere

End-to-end managed connectivity for IoT devices with a dedicated Low Power, Wide Area (LP-WAN) network (LoRaWAN®) on customer sites, running on a highly-resilient, virtualized core platform

Smart Tracking

Visibility into the location, movement, condition and interactions of any asset in indoor and outdoor environments

Data Intelligence Solutions

End-to-end intelligence solutions that can turn your data into a true business asset

IoT Solutions

One-stop shop: we combine modular, end-to-end IoT business services with underlying infrastructure to help you seize the opportunities relevant to your business

Live Objects

A secured platform and a complete suite of services to manage your connected products or equipment, collect and store data and transform it into actionable information

Flexible IT and agile collaboration


Fully-managed, direct, private connectivity to your cloud service provider for the best user experience and the same security, reliability and performance levels as your VPN

Flexible Applications Access

Simple and secure remote access to your company’s information systems, whether onsite or in the cloud, for partners or for employees working remotely or traveling

Unified Endpoint Management-as-a-Service (UEM)

Centralized monitoring, management and configuration of ruggedized mobility devices that field workers rely on

Hyperautomation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Advanced digital tools that let you delegate repetitive, rule-based tasks to bots and free up your workforce to do more complex, higher-value tasks. Combine RPA with machine learning, process mining, chatbots and blockchain for tasks that are not routine, repetitive or stable, such as invoicing or compliance document processing

Managed Applications

Application management services to ensure high-performing, always-available cloud infrastructure and applications at all times


The factory of the future takes its first steps with 5G

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Our experiments with Orange at Vaudreuil – a Schneider Electric showcase site – confirm that 5G offers numerous opportunities.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman and CEO of Schneider Electric


Why Orange?

Orange Business is your worldwide digital transformation partner for Industry 4.0 and the transformation of the manufacturing industry. We provide enterprises like yours with state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 solutions to increase the agility and resilience of your business around the world, while enabling you to explore new connected products and digital business models.

We also run co-innovation programs with our customers and partners around the latest topics, such as the future of industrial areas, augmented workers and collaboration and the energy transition.

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