Smart, connected products are transforming the competitive landscape. Discover how the real-time data they generate helps firms boost employee productivity and customer satisfaction while lowering operational costs and their environmental footprint.
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Accelerating digital: A win-win-win for customer experience, the environment and business growth

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Discover how the enterprise can accelerate a win-win-win for customer experience, the environment and business growth by reading our report

Today, almost every company is a digital company. On average, a fifth of enterprise revenues now comes from digital products and services at multinational firms, according to new research by The Economist. This figure is forecast to double within a year and accelerate strongly beyond that.

Download this report to discover how enterprises can:

  • Leverage smart connected products, digital and data platforms to improve the customer experience
  • Use digital to measure and manage carbon emissions against sustainability targets
  • Employ artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in more holistic ways
  • Bring business, data science, IT and cybersecurity teams together to overcome data access and activation challenges

The report includes a survey of 500 of the world’s biggest companies in nine countries and an analysis of the positive impact of digital business programs of 10 major firms across five sectors (manufacturing; transport and logistics; healthcare; architecture; engineering and construction).

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Accelerating digital: a win-win-win for customer experience, the environment, and business growth

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digital products and services are twice as profitable as traditional ones on average. The smart use of data is key.
Source: Economist Impact
of the data firms collect goes unused today, yet it is vital to enhancing customer experience and sustainability.
Source: Forrester Research
of firms say they are immature or only fairly mature in their use of AI (artificial intelligence).
Source: Economist Impact


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