Smart, connected products

This ebook explores how companies can systematically leverage data to become more innovative, productive, sustainable and customer‑centric. We look at the organizational, infrastructure and security changes required to create new value from the data generated by connected devices.

Real‑time data can now be analyzed and acted on at speed and scale via edge‑to‑cloud computing infrastructure, machine learning and Intelligent Automation (IA). Data can even trigger actions automatically through cyber‑physical systems – often without humans.

Making astute use of data is not just a matter of putting the right highly connected, distributed data management infrastructure in place. The skills and expertise to turn data into insights and action also need to be distributed throughout your organization – necessitating the creation of agile, cross‑functional business, data, IT and security teams.

Sectors covered: construction; energy; healthcare and pharmaceuticals; manufacturing; and transportation and logistics.

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