Global, off-grid energy distributor SHV Energy is constantly looking to offer its customers cleaner fuels and provide a greener service to lower its overall carbon footprint. The company is active in biofuels and renewable energy solutions and supplies gas under brands that include Calor Gas, Gaspol, Liquigas, Pinnacle, Primagas and Primagaz.

Tapping into the power of IoT

SHV Energy was looking to deploy smart telemetry and meters on its gas tanks across Europe and the U.S. to ensure a reliable and secure gas supply to its customers. At the same time, it was looking to improve truck routing to save on fuel costs and cut carbon emissions.

By adopting a secure IoT solution and fitting smart meters to its gas tanks, the company was looking to provide faster, safer delivery of fuel and improve customer satisfaction, while controlling costs. The smart meters would ensure that business customers and consumers never run out of gas, provide alerts should any leaks arise, and offer complete visibility of its entire gas tank estate. This would be made possible by harvesting data from the installed smart meters.

The move toward smart metering and the deployment of digital functionality is critical in delivering the best possible service in supplying gas to our customer base. With this innovative IoT connectivity solution from Orange Business, we can increase the flexibility, reliability and robustness of our network and become greener in the process.


Marieke Schoningh, SHV Energy Management Board Member

Getting connected

SHV Energy chose IoT connectivity from Orange Business to deploy the smart telemetry and meters. The company is fitting smart devices to both legacy and new gas tanks, along with antennae and a magnet mechanism that measures the gas. Each of these smart telemetry devices includes an Orange global SIM, which transfers data to SHV Energy’s offices via the Orange global mobile network. This provides SHV Energy with the status of each individual tank.

The Orange global mobile network is enhanced by an alliance of operators and roaming agreements. This ensures that data from the smart meters gets to the data platform, efficiently and securely. Orange provides SHV Energy with a self-provisioning portal to activate the SIMs.

Supporting transformation

The IoT solution is an important part of SHV Energy’s digital transformation. It will provide an enhanced gas delivery service to its customers across the world. It will also help the company to further improve infrastructure management, customer satisfaction and supply security, while saving on fuel costs and reducing carbon emissions.