Building an inclusive business

Building an inclusive business

Beyond being a key driver of economic performance and workplace well-being, diversity catalyzes collective intelligence and innovation.

We strive to maintain an inclusive workplace culture by recognizing everyone’s talents in their uniqueness, free from prejudice and discriminatory bias.

Our commitments in figures


women in our overall workforce and 52% in the executive committee


Diversity & Inclusion score assessed by Mixity


CAC 40 company to endorse an equality, work-life balance agreement

Putting our goals into action

Promoting gender diversity and equality

Promoting gender diversity and equality

In addition to increasing the number of women in our business, especially in technical positions, we are committed to greater gender equality, focusing on these five pillars:

  • Encouraging gender diversity across all professions, with special emphasis on technical roles
  • Facilitating women's access to leadership positions
  • Ensuring equal pay for equal skills for women and men
  • Striking a balance between personal and professional lives
  • Combatting sexism, harassment and violence

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Supporting our employees with successful programs

To actively champion gender equality and make it a tangible reality, we have implemented several impactful programs:

  • "En Avant Toutes !" and "Women Up" are enhancing the skills and careers of female employees
  • "Hello Women" guides young girls and women toward digital careers
Fostering cognitive diversity

Fostering cognitive diversity

Recognizing that neurodiversity encompasses 20% of the global population, we view it as a genuine asset to our business. We encourage everyone, whether neurotypical or neuroatypical, to unleash their potential and contribute to our company’s success.

Opening up to all talents embracing employees with disabilities

Opening up to all talents: embracing employees with disabilities

Our commitment to employees with disabilities is reflected in various initiatives:

  • Creating opportunities throughout the company
  • Adapting the work environment and collaboration tools
  • Breaking down barriers to recruitment and career advancement
  • Individual support from personal disability advisors

A recognized approach to inclusion and equality

GEEIS label

Awarded across 20 countries, including four Orange Business entities in Brazil, Egypt, India and Mauritius, the certification criteria from the Arborus audit include: 

  • Introduction of tools, training and communication fostering equal opportunities
  • HR resources and policies promoting professional equality

87/100: Mixity score for Diversity & Inclusion

The Mixity valuation is based on five criteria for Diversity & Inclusion:

  • Gender
  • Disability
  • Origins
  • Generations

Inclusion: a core Orange value

illustration testimonial

Elisabeth Tchoungui, Executive Director overseeing Corporate Social Responsibility at Orange Group

“At Orange, we aim to empower every individual, regardless of their uniqueness, to unleash their potential and contribute fully to the company’s growth.”