The Compagnie du Mont Blanc and the Chamonix Tourist Office count visitors

Issues and challenges

In an effort to improve their services, the Compagnie du Mont Blanc and the Chamonix Tourist Office have been trying to get a better idea of where the tourists in the Chamonix Valley are from. After testing several approaches, it became clear that a more effective solution was required to better understand where visitors come from, how they get around and how long they stay.

"The Flux Vision solution enables us to accurately adjust our marketing strategy, and this is how Orange is helping us to create value."

Nicolas Durochat, Head of the Chamonix Tourist Office

The objective

Implement a technically reliable solution that is easy to set up and can provide results quickly.


The Compagnie du Mont Blanc and the Chamonix Tourist Office chose the Orange Business Flux Vision solution to:

  • Regularly receive statistical reports about the behavior of tourists using data on the mobile network
  • Use this data to improve its tourism offer and make informed decisions
  • Improve operational efficiency

Flux Vision automatically collects millions of pieces of data from the mobile network. Massive volumes of data are then processed anonymously, providing powerful statistics that can be updated regularly.



With Flux Vision, it is extremely easy to measure the number of visitors. The results are available at any time, whatever the time period or area being studied, eliminating the need for field work, which takes longer to implement and is less precise.


The data processing mechanism used by Flux Vision provides access to highly secure information. The mobility indicators collected are aggregated and are irreversibly made anonymous, guaranteeing the confidentiality of users' data.


This accuracy at a local level also helps to study flows very carefully throughout the year or for particular events. It also helps to reallocate resources depending on attendance, optimize the flows in stations and public transport and improve operational efficiency.

  • Extremely reliable data
  • Recurrent results that enable continuous in-depth analysis
  • Ability of the tourist office to adjust its marketing strategy
  • Creation of value through a flexible service


Compagnie du Mont Blanc and the Chamonix Tourist Office in the Chamonix Valley

  • Nearly three million visitors per year
  • Tourism accounts for 80% of economic activity in the Chamonix Valley