Faced with a sharp increase in calls to its customer care line, the French cooperative bank BRED wanted to be able to analyze 100% of these calls to improve the quality of its phone services. To make this possible, the bank selected the Speech Analytics solution from the Workforce Engagement Suite offered by Orange Business.

A human voice on the line

At BRED, customer service advisors do not have to follow scripts – a conscious effort to ensure that customers do not feel like they are talking to a robot. The bank needed to analyze interactions by transcribing voice into text using artificial intelligence.

On the Speech Analytics dashboards, the user can see the frequency with which certain words or expressions are used, enabling them to quickly understand why a request was processed faster or slower than average. The ratio of speaking time between the advisor and the customer can also be observed and analyzed.

We needed a solution that could transcribe the conversations between our customers and our advisers using artificial intelligence, to allow us to see the different words or expressions that regularly come up.


Guillaume Coët, Deputy Head Customer Relations Center, BRED

Training and compliance: a dual objective

The primary goal was to analyze 100% of calls received to ensure that the required terminology (regarding various savings mechanisms, for example) was used correctly by the advisors and understood by customers. Given that all recordings fall under GDPR requirements, choosing Speech Analytics allowed BRED to verify that every stage of the process was compliant with these regulations.

Detailed analysis of conversations, word occurrence rates and speaking times enables the bank to examine the instances where conflict may have arisen and draw lessons from them to help prepare and train its teams to improve their handling of these kinds of situations.

Improved customer experience

Advisors were able to adopt the solution quickly thanks to the support offered by Orange Business to help staff configure and get to grips with the tool.

Deployed to around 100 agents, it demonstrates impressive efficiency and offers considerable time savings. Thanks to Speech Analytics, the teams can function more fluidly, and communications are more productive. The analyses provided enable users to clarify best practices, which enhance professional training.

In the end, the entire customer relations process benefits from the solution. In the future, BRED plans to use its CRM base to take this success even further by using it to visualize trends so that it can respond to customers’ expectations in a proactive way.

of recorded calls transcribed into text