With the help of Orange Business, the Hauts-de-Seine department has deployed a virtual desktop solution to ensure business continuity. This solution allows employees to access their work environment remotely and securely and enables external partners to access the company’s applications.

Modernizing the work environment

Only 50% of staff were equipped with a laptop, therefore Frédérik Domiter, Head of the Infrastructure and Workstation Department for the Hauts-de-Seine, was looking for a solution to guarantee business continuity if agents were unable to work in the office (due to strikes, bad weather, etc.). He also wanted to plan for the future rollout of telecommuting. Among other things, his team aimed to secure access to the department’s applications for external partners while improving data protection in compliance with the GDPR.

"We already had a virtual desktop solution, but it was based on aging infrastructure, and capacity was limited," explains Frédérik Domiter. "We wanted to modernize and improve flexibility, while remaining within budget."

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End-to-end support from expert teams enabled us to offer our staff a virtual desktop solution that was implemented with the greatest of ease.


Frédérik Domiter, Head of the Infrastructure and Workstation Department of the Hauts-de-Seine

Flexible virtual desktop solution

The Hauts-de-Seine department called on Orange Business to help it roll out a Citrix virtual desktop solution using Microsoft Azure cloud. The platform is designed to support 100 workstations for everyday use and is flexible enough to allow for a rapid increase in the event that users have difficulty accessing the department’s offices. The flexibility offered by cloud ensures great flexibility in managing the number of users and controlling costs.

"We manage the number of workstations according to our needs. This means that we can easily increase or decrease the number of users and the capacity of IT resources required to support their activities," explains Frédérik Domiter.

Implementation of this virtual desktop solution enabled the department to be highly responsive during the pandemic, quadrupling the number of virtual desktops available.

Single point of contact

Orange teams supported the department in analyzing its existing virtual desktop solution and assisted with the design and migration to the new virtual desktop solution, Flexible Workspace, while ensuring business continuity. The teams delivered an end-to-end service, with central management of the solution based on Citrix and Microsoft technologies, and a one-stop billing system. "Orange provided outstanding support and expertise," emphasizes Frédérik Domiter. "Billing through a single point of contact has helped simplify budget management, as we pay based on usage."

Satisfied users

Users have described the process of switching to the new system as very intuitive, connecting to it via a secure URL using their normal credentials.

"Our key expectation was their satisfaction," explains Frédérik Domiter. We did an internal survey, which showed that 95% of them were happy with the solution – so mission accomplished!" The IT team was also happy with the implementation of the solution, describing it as "light and simple" thanks to the support provided by Orange.

of users are happy with their remote working environments