Applus+ was facing connectivity challenges in harmonizing its infrastructure to deal with regular openings and changes of branches to fit with business needs and consolidating acquisitions.

Headquartered in Spain, Applus+ was looking for a flexible and scalable solution to replace its complex legacy MPLS solution to keep pace in a highly competitive marketplace.

A wide range of industry sectors uses Applus+ services to ensure their assets and products meet quality, health and safety and environmental standards and regulations. The company has 22,800 employees in more than 70 countries with very fast growth in the last decade. Efficient connectivity and security is critical to support its business outcomes.

Adopting a fully managed software-defined networking approach with the support of Orange Business has allowed us to simplify operations, achieve faster time to market, and secure savings on our connectivity budget. Also, it has enabled us to quickly and easily integrate acquisitions into our infrastructure, which is critical in this fast-moving business.


Alfred Moliner, Chief Information Officer, Applus+

A software-defined approach

Orange Business demonstrated an understanding of the company’s pain points along with proven expertise in global networks. This gave Applus+ the confidence to move forward with a fully-managed software-defined networking approach.

Applus+ opted to replace its legacy MPLS network with a Cisco Meraki SD-WAN solution, fully managed by Orange on more than 120 sites across five continents. Under a Multisourcing Service Integration (MSI) agreement, Orange provides seamless end-to-end management of Applus+’s IT service suppliers, integrating and governing them through a single IT interface. This simplifies operations and ensures contract compliance according to SLAs.

The SD-WAN solution provides Applus+ with the performance, security and scalability it requires for its cloud services. At the same time, the flexible architecture simplified the consolidation of acquisitions into its infrastructure.

Orange provides fully integrated networking and security features in a single dashboard to give Applus+ full visibility of its network, rationalizing management. Easy provisioning allows for rapid deployment in opening up new branches. They can alternatively be closed just as quickly. To optimize performance, the solution enables Applus+ IT teams to control the bandwidth on the network to ensure it does not become overloaded. This flexibility promotes efficiency, performance and productivity.

Streamlined and cost effective

Orange has provided Applus+ with a streamlined, agile and cost-effective approach to its global connectivity that is quick and easy to deploy. The company is already seeing over 30% savings on its connectivity budget compared with running its legacy MPLS solution. At the same time, Applus+ is also benefitting from cloud networking’s anytime, anywhere access capabilities.

30%+ savings
Applus+ is already seeing savings on its connectivity budget compared with running its legacy MPLS solution