A global financial services company was looking to better manage its IT assets and overhaul its service management and operational processes. This would ensure it had a full picture of its hardware estate and what was running on its network for both security and productivity purposes.

The company’s Asset Management team had issues with control and visibility of the devices on their network. The main pain point centered on the issue of asset visibility, which led to issues with OPEX waste, last-day-of-support (LDOS) coverage confusion and painful vendor renewal cycles. These concerns were becoming a barrier to growth for the IT group and a business risk for the entire company.

A single source of truth

Orange Business introduced the financial services company to their IT Asset Management solution designed to achieve two desired outcomes: full hardware asset visibility and cost savings. The overall solution would support redefining business processes and functions to more efficiently and effectively manage the lifecycles of IT hardware across the company’s IT ecosystem.

The Orange Business IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution enables the company to have full visibility of its hardware inventory and day-to-day management via the Orange Business ITAM portal. It also allows it to efficiently manage vendor renewal processes for multiple support contracts from hardware OEM vendors. The Orange Business proven lifecycle approach starts from device purchase and covers deployment, installation, utilization, moves, adds, changes and deletes (MACD), referring to changes in a device network and LDOS activities. This ensures that the company’s IT team can make the most efficient use of resources and better-informed purchasing decisions.

The Orange Business ITAM Customer Success Manager (CSM) provided an assessment of the company’s installed base and worked collaboratively to rebuild data integrity. Additionally, the CSM provided proactive suggestions on changes to optimize the company’s asset management practice by enabling continuous and proactive training. This ensures that hardware asset inventory is regularly tracked and maintained as part of normal business practices.

Client value delivery

Aggressively addressing the company’s business challenges allowed Orange Business to deliver maximum and immediate strategic value, highlighted by the efficient and frictionless closing of a 3-year maintenance renewal. A post-renewal audit confirmed that 95% of asset visibility issues had been resolved. Additional conversations were ignited for Software Lifecycle Management (SLM), and a ServiceNow integration conversation is underway. Both opportunities are natural evolutions of the ITAM solution and further the overall asset management optimization for the financial services company.

The Hardware Lifecycle Management (HLM) offer, part of the Orange Business ITAM solution, enables the company to achieve global visibility and data accuracy of hardware devices on its network, improve procurement practices and better control resource/maintenance costs. At the same time, it has shored up business resilience by ensuring that it has up-to-date hardware in place that is fully supported.

The Orange Business ITAM solution is also helping with decreased MACD processing times. These process and inventory management improvements will continue to reduce waste and conserve resources for years to come.