Never in the history of digital has the generation of data been as great as it is today. Knowing how to use and analyze this data is a big challenge for businesses and organizations, who need to utilize the right expertise and tools to differentiate themselves within their markets.



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Data intelligence


Key figures

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  • 2,200 data experts at your service
  • 500 patents in AI and big data filed by the Orange Group


Better serving your customers involves a deeper understanding of their behavior and that of your markets. Data allows for greater visualization and analysis, in order to better understand cause and effect. The benefits are numerous:

  • Visualizing, representing and highlighting complex data sets in a simple, educational and informative manner
  • Analyzing after extracting the main information in order to better understand and improve business activity
  • Updating an application’s data in real time in the systems that supply it
  • Monetizing by defining new sources of revenue in the form of resources or services invoiced
  • Defining the decision-making information system and the business processes for steering and assisting with decision-making
  • Steering performance by organizing data and visualizing it in a dashboard

Data science and AI

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence aim to transform data, to discover new uses and help predict the future:

  • Improving operations and decision-making on a daily basis
  • Personalizing journeys, relations and services through better customer knowledge
  • Automating the learning of systems for recurring tasks (machine learning)
  • Predicting in order to better anticipate system or machine failures
  • Modeling through the use of algorithms and statistics to find models and trends
  • Exploring relevant sources of data, cleaning them and formatting them

Using the most advanced technologies, our experts help you assess your potential risks, boost your sales, optimize your logistics and anticipate your implementation problems.


Artificial intelligence:
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Data is inherently unintelligent. It is useless if you don’t know how to use it, how to deal with it. Algorithms are where data’s true value lies.


Peter Sondergaard - SVP, Head of Research, Gartner Inc.


Data governance

Data governance is at the heart of IT redesign and at the center of all digital and big data projects. The objective is to ensure the quality of data and manage its use for:

  • Empowering and creating links by involving employees
  • Ensuring compliance and guaranteeing respect for regulatory constraints
  • Protecting against inappropriate access to data and its use
  • Mapping all corporate data and ensuring clear management of meta data
  • Guaranteeing the quality of data in IT and applications
  • Managing and optimizing reference data to allow for its consistent use
By 2026, the data governance market is expected to grow above 21%

Mordor Intelligence, April 2021



Big Data

Today, there’s no questioning the fact that companies rely on data to reinvent their business strategy and to optimize operations.

Organizations faced with a diversity of data can turn to Orange Business to help them collect, store and use large volumes of data to:

  • Restore the human factor by placing users at the heart of the decision-making process
  • Create value by improving market knowledge and identifying the innovations with the greatest potential
  • Accelerate the availability of the information required for decision-making in real time
  • Protect personal and sensitive data while avoiding illegal use, theft or accidental loss
  • Ensure the reliability of data to overcome the uncertain or random nature of certain sources
  • Organize and manage an ever-increasing volume and variety of data

Mass-market retail: using data for supply chain management in a time of crisis

At the start of the lockdown imposed by the health crisis, the general public changed its patterns of consumption. Panic buying of food and essential supplies put distributor supply chains under pressure. A mass-market retailer worked to understand this new situation using a tool that provides statistical indicators on numbers of visitors to its stores. Powerful data analysis helped manage its supply chain with flexibility during this period of unpredictability.

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Data and artificial intelligence

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