RATP is improving mobility services with digital solutions

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Issues and challenges

RATP wants to harness digital technology to expand its mobility offering. The objective: build better large networks, such as inter-city train and subway networks, using the precise knowledge of passenger flows, and design innovative custom services.

“Digital technology is changing the relationship with our customers by providing increasingly precise, high-quality passenger information. It is also a tool for developing new services, such as MaaS (Mobility as a Service), delivering all mobility solutions in the form of an integrated platform, and Flux Vision, which offers better insight into passengers’ travel habits.”

Mathieu Dunant, Head of Innovation, RATP Group


As part of a collaborative innovation approach, RATP and Orange Business have partnered to use digital technology to expand RATP's mobility offering by developing:

  • Driver-less vehicles in which connectivity, underpinned by 5G analyses in particular, has an essential role in communicating with infrastructures
  • A solution that includes Flux Vision, a service that respects everyone’s privacy while precisely identifying the traveling habits of passengers in order to build better networks
  • A hypervisor that creates data visualizations of spaces, such as subway networks, and enable operators to view people flows in three dimensions


An approach driven by digital innovation
RATP Group and Orange Business have teamed up to innovate the digital aspects of projects, such as autonomous vehicles and analyses of passenger flows, using Flux Vision. The fruits of their labors include personalized services for passengers and the ability to know users’ mobility needs in real time.

A better understanding of current mobility challenges
RATP's approach demonstrates a real determination to meet current mobility challenges (car sharing, driver-less cars, etc.). Environmental concerns and gridlocked roads are driving real changes. The aim is to make traveling smoother and develop new, tailored modes of transport.

An innovative brand
By teaming up with Orange to develop innovative services tailored to passengers’ uses and habits, RATP is strengthening and enhancing its brand image. Digital technology is an opportunity to change customer relations for the better.


  • More precise knowledge of user journeys
  • Custom solutions to meet all passengers’ needs
  • The introduction of innovative services
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