Orange Cyberdefense brings its global threat knowledge to Atlanta

Orange Business and Orange Cyberdefense give customers a security boost with new SOC and data center in the U.S.

With an eye toward continued support for our multinational enterprise customers, we are happy to open two new facilities in the U.S. to extend the local availability of our global solutions. Our customers will be able to rely on two new resources offering localized security and data hosting. This is particularly useful for enterprises looking to expand or reinforce their operations in the U.S.

Orange extends security monitoring with its latest SOC in the U.S.

Leveraging Orange Cyberdefense expertise, we are extending our security capabilities and opening our first Security Operations Center (SOC) in the U.S. Based in Atlanta, the SOC covers the monitoring and management of U.S.-based customer security devices, switches, routers, servers and cloud-based systems on a 24/7 basis. A unique proposition by our SOC is that Orange can take over the monitoring and management of a client’s security infrastructure, be it legacy devices or those managed by a third party. This allows for better focus of scarce security resources on critical activities. All client assets will receive the same measure of comprehensive service from Orange with local service support direct from U.S. security experts.

We have our finger on the pulse of the security needs of our international customers, and a local SOC is a key development for our global business. In our discussions with multinational corporations they’ve expressed a strong desire for local, 24/7 security support against cyberattacks. The Atlanta SOC is our guarantee that their U.S assets will be secured and supported by the full range of cybersecurity services we already offer our customers on a worldwide scale.

The U.S. SOC is the latest addition to our global capabilities of configuring, deploying, monitoring and managing cybersecurity for enterprises. In total, we now operate 9 SOCs worldwide, monitoring 60,000 devices, 4 CyberSOCs offering advanced threat detection, 4 CERTS for incident response, cyber surveillance and threat intelligence and 3 scrubbing centers for mitigating DDoS attacks. North America plays a key role with one of the CERTs located in Canada and one of the scrubbing centers in the U.S.

U.S. data center supports simplicity, scalability, reach and flexibility

With cybersecurity well in hand, Orange is also opening a new data center in Atlanta to facilitate the digital transformation of our customers’ U.S. operations.

The facility offers Private, Public and Hybrid cloud environments to manage client applications locally within the U.S.  With greater controls over capacity and deployment, enterprises can accurately scale their operations up or down according to their projected needs in the region. The entire cloud infrastructure is also custom built by Orange professional services to the specifications of the customer, optimizing performance and ensuring compliance with local governance and regulatory requirements. The risks involved in international expansion are significantly reduced as Orange can guarantee a highly flexible, automated platform native to the region.

This is another step in Orange Business becoming a trusted partner to our customers as they look to us to help transform their IT infrastructure through the cloud. We offer seamless connectivity across 220 countries and territories, open-source platforms, and operator-class services for customers to enact digital transformation across every facet of their business wherever that may be. The full range of managed services will be the same in the U.S. as it is in other places in the world. Flexible Engine resources and services are now available in the U.S., in Europe (Paris) and in Asia (Singapore).

Taken together, the SOC and data center in Atlanta underline the Orange commitment to our customers around the world and the valuable support we can provide in a critical market like the U.S. It’s one more step in listening to our customers and keeping their best interests at the heart of all that we do.

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Sam Nchinda

Sam joined Orange Business Americas in September 2017 as the Head of Solutions for the Americas. Sam oversees all solutions resources in the Americas and is responsible for managing and developing the entire Orange Business solution portfolio in the region. He is also a member of the Americas Leadership Team, steering and motivating the region in alignment with the Americas and international strategies.