Orange Business partners with Telserv to accelerate voice services delivery to meet international retail chain’s ambitious expansion schedule

Orange Business has been chosen by global number solutions provider Telserv to deliver voice services to an international retail chain opening 1,000 shops across France.

Telserv is a global provider for virtual number solutions in 145 countries. The company is unique in having interconnects with local telcos in almost every one of these countries. In this business case, it was looking for a solution to rapidly deploy voice services to 1,000 sites for a retail chain that was working to a very tight launch deadline.

The Orange Business Business Talk Digital portal and the unique use of scripting – which was developed on request of Telserv – to roll out direct inward dialing numbers (DIDs), or virtual numbers that allow calls to be routed to existing telephone lines, provided the answer. As a result, Orange was able to help Telserv reduce deployment time from days to hours to meet the retail chain’s severe time constraints. At the same time, it also benefited from the reduced costs of digitization.

This was achieved using scripting or automated service activation. Usually in large deployments, numbers are manually assigned site-by-site and line-by-line, ensuring the right address gets the right telephone number. But this is extremely time consuming and open to human error. By automating the process using a scripting program, numbers and addresses can be uploaded quickly, far more economically and accurately.

Telserv is one of the first to use the automated scripting as part of the Business Talk Digital self-care online portal, which accelerates delivery by allowing customers to order in real time. Customers can use it to self-manage their ordering, check number availability, make purchases and activate numbers immediately 24/7 instead of going through laborious “paper chain” ordering processes that can take weeks, for example. In this business case, Telserv utilized the provisioning of outbound numbers and call connect service features.

Orange and Telserv are now looking to leverage the innovative solution in other large-scale deployments.

Jan Willem Aman
Jan Willem Aman

Jan is a Business Development Manager for collaboration services at Orange. He supports customers in the digitization of their collaboration solutions by building trusted relationships to demonstrate the quality of the Orange offerings and how customers experience the business benefits. In his personal life, he enjoys road cycling and mountain biking.